The Future With Ford Is Not Far From The Truth

the future with ford is not far from the truth
the future with ford is not far from the truth

With exciting new technologies, the need for a sustainable world and the rapid change in customer expectations, brand new trends in automotive enter our lives. As the gap between the future and reality is closing in the automotive industry, Ford continues its efforts to provide a unique customer experience with people-oriented, life-enhancing design and innovative technologies that guide the future to live today.

The brand, which aims to make the future live today with the technologies it offers by closing the gap between today and the future with the new brand discourse “Future=Real”, aims to offer a future in which models with more sustainable technologies, autonomous and connected features will play a role in its vehicle portfolio in the upcoming period.

In this context, Ford Turkey, with the brand promise of keeping the technologies of the future alive today, has designed a campaign emphasizing that Ford technologies prepare consumers for the future and keep the future alive for those who want to make their lives easier with innovative technologies and who are excited about the future.

In the commercial built around the 'Future is Real' message, it is emphasized that real future technologies are possible with Ford today.

Sir Fred from Norr Film directed the commercial for the campaign prepared by Punch BBDO. Oscar Faura, known for his films The Impossible, The Imitation Game, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, was the cinematographer of the film. For the movie, Tears For Fears' legendary song Mad World was rearranged by Pedro Macedo Camacho, while Hans Zimmer's vocalist Tina Guo sang the song. While the shooting of the movie lasted for four days, the future world of Istanbul was brought to life by Anima, with the contributions of our international video artist Mert Kızılay, in a two-month study.

The campaign advertisement, which describes the visual world of Ford Turkey's strategic vision that “owns the future”, also carries the importance of being the beginning of the brand's communication that will cover the upcoming period, from future technologies, new generation customer experience, mobility and sustainable cities.

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