Saplings are Protected with Izocam PEflex

saplings are protected with izocam peflex
saplings are protected with izocam peflex

Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector is designed to protect young saplings. This product, which prevents weed pesticides from reaching the sapling in its first year, which is very important in the development of the seedling, also protects the sapling from late frosts after planting.

Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector, developed by Izocam, the leading company in the insulation sector, is the most important assistant of the producers in Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean, Central Anatolia and Black Sea regions, in this period when seedling producers started to buy. Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector, a product designed to protect the stems of young seedlings, protects the saplings against effects such as late frosts and damages caused by pesticides that can adversely affect or even kill seedlings during their young period when they are most vulnerable to external influences. This economical trunk protector, which is the most important measure to be taken in an orchard or afforestation area in the first period, can be produced in the range of 22-114 mm diameter and 10-30 mm thickness.

Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector, which can be cut to the desired length and is an easy-to-use product, saves time and labor. Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector, which prevents the stem of the sapling from drying out by hardening, clogging of the vascular bundles and slowing down of the water exchange, while not harming the sapling thanks to its soft and flexible structure, protects it from the negative effects of the herbicides to be applied after the planting stage. and accelerates the yield of the sapling.

The benefits of Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector are not limited to these. This product, which is protective against the harmful effects of rodents such as mice and rabbits, also protects the seedlings from mechanical impacts such as fishing line, anchor, tractor, and the negative effects of sunburns and late frosts. Having a flexible structure, Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector does not tighten while the stem of the sapling is growing and can be removed and reused.

Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector, which is suitable for all fruit and broad-leaved forest trees, also ensures that the saplings stand upright and straight; In wired systems, it prevents the wire from touching the body and damaging it. At the time of grafting, aluminum foil-coated Izocam PEflex Sapling Protector can be used to provide and protect the moist environment required for split grafting.

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