Accessible Film Festival Ends

Accessible Film Festival has come to an end
Accessible Film Festival has come to an end

The Accessible Film Festival, which came together with moviegoers for the ninth time, ended with the winners of the films competing in the National Feature Film Competition and the Short Film Competition.

Accessible Film Festival, which was held online and physically in Ankara between 11th and 17th October, met with cinema lovers in its ninth year with its full film program and interviews. On the last day of the festival, the awards of the National Feature Film Competition and the Short Film Competition were announced with the Closing Video prepared and presented by comedian Deniz Göktaş.

of the festival YouTube Festival Director Ezgi Yalınalp took the first word in the Closing Video, which was broadcast on TV channel and started with a humorous presentation by Deniz Göktaş. In his speech, Yalınalp talked about why this year's theme of the Festival is the Absurd; He stated that we encounter absurd situations in the world we live in and because we need to laugh, they included black comedy films with the Absurd theme in this year's program. Evaluating how the seven-day festival went in the continuation of his speech, Yalınalp expressed his gratitude to the Festival supporters by expressing that the Festival has been held online in Turkey for the last two years, and that they have reached many moviegoers.

The ceremony was attended by one of the Festival supporters, United States Embassy Cultural Attaché Gabrielle M. Price, Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Prof. Dr. Yılmaz Büyükerşen continued with the thank you videos that Sabancı Foundation General Manager Nevgül Bilsel Safkan recorded for the Festival.

After the videos of the festival supporters, the winners of the Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Audience Awards were announced in the National Feature Film Competition and Short Film Competition.

Short Film Contest Winners…

At the ceremony, where the Special Audience Award was announced by Deniz Göktaş within the scope of the Short Film Competition, the award winner was the film “Anuş” directed by Deniz Telek. In his speech, Telek stated that this award was the first Audience Special Award he received and expressed that he was very happy to receive the award.

Yasemin Demirci won the Best Screenplay Award in the Short Film Competition with her movie “Climate Change”. Jury member Insa Wiese, who announced the award, explained the reasoning of the award; He stated that it is a film with a very intense story, showing the emotions of the main character without exaggeration. In his speech, Demirci, the winner of the award, which was broadcast at the end of the ceremony, stated that it was a privilege to receive the screenplay award and thanked the members of the jury, the festival team and those who contributed to the film.

Aslak Danbolt won the Best Director Award in the Short Film Competition, and the "Mother" film directed by Danbolt won the Best Film Award. Azza Chaabouni, one of the judges of the competition, who went on air to announce the award, stated that they gave the award to the movie Mother, because the director successfully told the touching story of a mother by directing two non-professional actors. Director Aslak Danbolt, who went on the air for his thank you speech, stated that he was honored to be deemed worthy of both awards. In the continuation of his speech, he thanked the members of the jury, the festival team and his friend Murat Çetinkaya, who directed him to apply for the competition.

Winners of the National Feature Film Competition…

In the continuation of the award ceremony, the winners of the National Feature Film Competition were announced. Announcing the Audience Special Award on behalf of the audience, Göktaş stated that the winner of the award was the movie "Ghosts". Azra Deniz Okyay, the director of the film, which was connected to the ceremony, stated that she was very honored and proud to receive the award, and thanked the audience and the Accessible Film Festival team.

Later, member of the jury Emine Yıldırım announced the Best Screenplay Award. Yıldırım announced that the winners of the award were Ferit Karol and Serkan Fakılı, the screenwriters of the movie "Kumbara", due to its meticulously studied story, convincing dialogues and deep humor.

The Best Director Award, announced by the other jury member of the competition, İnan Temelkuran, went to Barış Sarhan with the movie "Cemil Show". Temelkuran stated that the director was deemed worthy of the award because of the clarity of the definitions of indoor and outdoor space, and his success in bringing together the old and the new, imagination and reality.

The Best Film Award of the National Feature Film Competition went to "Cemil Show". Banu Sıvacı, member of the jury who announced the award, stated that; He explained that the film "describes the difference between the world seen in today's show society and the world behind it by creating a competent atmosphere". Director Barış Sarhan, who went on the air for his speech of thanks, first thanked the jury and the festival team. In the continuation of his speech, he mentioned that being worthy of the Best Film and Best Director awards in his first film motivated him, and underlined that the most important issue is meeting the audience with the films rather than competing works of art.


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