Does Embryo Freezing Provide Advantage in IVF Treatment?

Does embryo freezing provide an advantage in IVF treatment?
Does embryo freezing provide an advantage in IVF treatment?

IVF treatment is one of the most promising treatments for couples who have been longing for and dreaming of a baby for years. Embryologist Abdullah Arslan explained the benefits of embryo freezing in the IVF treatment process.

In the IVF treatment processes, it is a method that has been preferred around the world for 30 years. Embryologist Abdullah Arslan, who stated that many healthy babies were born thanks to this method, said, “Thanks to the embryo freezing process in the IVF treatment process, healthy embryos suitable for use after the transfer are kept for the future evaluation of the couple. This method is preferred for its success and for the embryos not to be wasted. In addition, the chance of pregnancy is similar or even higher in frozen embryo transfers compared to fresh embryo transfers.” he said.

FREEZING AT MINUS 196 celsius degrees

Embryologist Abdullah Arslan, who stated that the process of storing the formed embryos for future use, which is an important and sensitive part of IVF treatments, is called vitrification (embryo freezing process), said, “In parallel with the technological development in medicine, new methods that take their place in the field of reproductive health and in vitro fertilization are very important. It contributes to helping a large number of expectant parents achieve their dreams. One of these methods is vitrification (embryo freezing process), which is included in IVF treatment protocols.

Embryologist Abdullah Arslan said, “In scientific studies, it has been observed that changing hormone values ​​as a response of the female body to some drugs used in the in vitro fertilization process can affect the inner lining of the uterus (endometrium) to a certain extent. This may vary from person to person, the amount of medication used and changing hormone levels. Accordingly, healthy embryos formed are stored at minus 196 degrees Celsius, and the effect of hormone values ​​is expected to disappear. When the uterus returns to its natural structure, the frozen embryos are thawed and the transfer process is performed. Thanks to this method, embryos can be stored for a long time with the help of special liquids that do not turn into a crystal structure when frozen. he said.

Embryologist Abdullah Arslan pointed out that embryo freezing techniques are at the highest level thanks to today's technologies and the light of science. It shows that we are staying away.”

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