Domestic Master Solution for Electric Vehicles

local master solution for electric vehicles
local master solution for electric vehicles

Salih Kükrek and Evren Emre, who created the SANLAB brand with the aim of becoming the laboratory of the industry by combining the words 'industry' and 'laboratory', set out with the aim of breaking the perception that 'technology cannot be produced in Turkey'. The last project of the entrepreneurs is about the electric vehicle sector. Kükrek and Emre are planning to train electric vehicle maintenance masters with their new simulation.

The founding story of the company begins 12 years ago. In 2009, two young engineers went to Kazakhstan for work, and they witnessed a work accident of a personnel with insufficient operating experience. Entrepreneurs affected by this are developing the forklift training simulator to train operators better, more effectively. SANLAB got the chance to introduce the product to the Minister of Industry Nihat Ergün and his delegation at the first fair they attended in the same year, and this is a turning point.


SANLAB, which was selected as 'Turkey's best technology venture company' in 2012 as a result of the research carried out by the Ministry of Industry and TUBITAK among companies working in the field of technology in Turkey, is the first technology company sent to Silicon Valley by the state. SANLAB is also entering the world arena with the '6 Axis Motion Platform', which they nationalized with the support of ASELSAN in the defense industry sector. The product of SANLAB, which was awarded the 'Nationalization Certificate of Appreciation' by ASELSAN at the IDEF'21 fair held this year; A real-time test systems technology that allows vibrations and accelerations experienced in air, sea or land vehicles to be simulated with high precision and reality.


Stating that they have overcome the long-standing perception of 'we can't do' and 'they won't do' in Turkey, SANLAB Co-Founder Salih Kükrek said, “There is a perception that the products of foreign brands are of higher quality in almost every sector in Turkey. It was not easy for us to break this perception. As a result of our studies, we produced motion simulation for TOGG, Turkey's domestic and national automobile brand, with the 'drive in the loop' and 'software and hardware in the loop' simulation infrastructure. On the other hand, with the 'YÖK Virtual Laboratory Project', we contributed to the solution developed to carry out the courses that require laboratory applications in universities during the pandemic period. Our experiment simulations, where physics experiments can be performed virtually, are currently used in 48 universities.”


SANLAB's latest project concerns the Electric Vehicle industry. An electric vehicle training project is being worked on in order to close the employment gap in issues such as the maintenance and repair of electric vehicles in the near future. Explaining that they will help turn hundreds of thousands of fossil fuel engine masters into electric vehicle maintenance masters through simulation, Kükrek said, “We will solve the employment problem that will be experienced in this field in the near future with our domestic technologies and local masters. Within the scope of this project, we will be a pioneer in the world with Turkey's electric vehicle masters”.

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