Elazig Boulevard Research Hospital Connection Road Renovation

elazig boulevard research hospital connection road is being renewed
elazig boulevard research hospital connection road is being renewed

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality started renovation works on the connection road from Elazığ Boulevard to Gazi Yaşargil Training and Research Hospital within the scope of road construction works.

The Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement road construction projects that will ease the traffic flow.

Building Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department has developed a project to avoid problems in pedestrian and vehicle traffic due to deterioration over time on the heavily used road.

In the first stage, the teams will carry out the infrastructure work on the 230-meter-long and 50-meter-wide road to ensure that the ground is solid and that it will serve for many years.

Within the scope of the works, 15 thousand cubic meters of excavation fill, 7 thousand tons of plantmix sub-base and 3 thousand tons of hot asphalt for the foundation will be made.

The teams that will work 500 tons of asphalt pavement and 1000 meters of curbs for the use of pedestrians will plant 20 lighting poles and 70 trees within the scope of landscaping.

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