EGO Prepares to Add 15 New Female Bus Drivers to Its Fleet

ego prepares to add new female bus driver to its fleet
ego prepares to add new female bus driver to its fleet

With the practices of Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, which encourages women's employment, women's employment is increasing day by day in the Capital. EGO General Directorate, which employed 10 female drivers last year, is preparing to add 15 new female drivers to its fleet. Those who are successful among female driver candidates who have been subjected to verbal and practical training will get behind the wheel and start work.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which focuses on projects that encourage women's employment in city management and service units, aims to increase women's employment in public transportation vehicles.

EGO General Directorate, which has added a new one to the practices of Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, which prioritizes women's employment in the Capital, is preparing to add 15 new female drivers to its fleet to be assigned in public transportation vehicles.


EGO General Directorate, which included 10 female bus drivers last year, started the training process for 20 female driver candidates who applied.

The female driver candidates, who passed the oral exam in the first place, sweated in the practical exam on maneuvering and driving techniques. As a result of the evaluation to be made by the EGO Commission, the candidates who are successful in the exam will continue their training on advanced driving techniques. 15 new female drivers, who will be selected among the candidates who are successful in all exams, will start working and will start using public transportation vehicles on the streets and streets of Başkent.


Stating that they entrusted the bus captainship to 2019 female drivers with the exam held in 10, EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş closely followed the applied trainings attended by female driver candidates and made the following evaluations:

“In line with the request of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, Mr. Mansur Yavaş, we aim to increase the number of female personnel in our EGO General Directorate. We think that there is nothing women can't do. Our 10 pioneering and brave women are now steering in the streets of Ankara. 20 more female drivers applied to us. With the exam held today, we want to see 15 more female drivers in our fleet. After the initial evaluations, female driver candidates will also undergo a two-stage interview, I wish them success.”


The driver candidates, who sweated in the oral and practical exam, expressed their satisfaction with the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş's policy to increase women's employment with the following words:

-Cigdem Kadakoglu: “I have been driving for 20 years. I was following the job postings of the Metropolitan Municipality. I had previously worked in a private public transport vehicle on the Beypazarı-Ankara line. I have a passion for big cars.”

-Tugba Canan Akyüz: “Since 2013, I had a keen interest in buses, but I always had a goal of being a driver in the Metropolitan Municipality. Our President Mansur gave us this right. There is nothing women cannot achieve. Everyone will see that we can do this profession perfectly.”

-Semra Kilinc: “I worked as a model airplane instructor for a while. I have had an interest in bus driver for a long time. After I got my bus license, I thought why can't I be a driver? I would like to thank the President Mansur who created this employment for us and gave us this chance. We women believe that we will show our strength in every field.”

-Kezban Akkan: “I am here to show that women can achieve anything, to break the prejudices against women. Thank you for giving us this chance. Since I am a sign language instructor, I will be able to communicate easily and help with hearing impaired citizens who get on the bus. I believe that I will proudly do this job.”

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