A Visit from İzmir, the Pearl of the Aegean, to the Pearl Montenegro on the Adriatic Coast

EGIAD Montenegro Business Trip
EGIAD Montenegro Business Trip

Aegean Young Businessmen Association (Aegean Young Businessmen Association), which is organized in order for member companies to establish or increase international cooperation and to follow sectoral developments.EGİAD) A new one has been added to Business Trips. EGİAD During his visit to Montenegro, which is located in the southeast of Europe and on the Adriatic coast of the Balkans, he had the opportunity to follow the developments in the sector of the member companies on site.

Although the unique Montenegro, where green and blue meet, is primarily known for its nature and economic holiday opportunities, it has also started to come to the fore with its economic expansions in recent years. Today, Montenegro, which has the title of the second youngest country in Europe after Kosovo, has entered the radar of Turkish entrepreneurs especially with its virgin economy and close contacts with the European Union.

EGİAD's business trip organized by . Dr. Fatih Dalkılıç, Chairman of the International Relations Commission Elif Kaya, EGİAD International Relations Commission Members Metin Taşkıran, Tuğhan Karaveli, EGİAD Its members Pınar Güngör, Alper Tutak, Burak Güngör, Açelya Baç and Kemalettin Okkaoğlu participated.

Podgorica Ambassador Songül Ozan, Montenegro Commercial Attaché Erdal Karaömeroğlu, Montenegro Chamber of Commerce, Montenegro-Turkish Business People and Investors Association Board Member Serdar Yıldız, Meliha Aslankan, Can Aslankan and Azmont Investments CEO Rashad Aliyev who visited EGİAD delegation also met with Asmira CEO Mustafa Aslan at his facility in Montenegro. During the bilateral visits, the foundations were laid for stronger economic ties and more intense economic relations that benefit both countries.

During the visits, important evaluations regarding new areas that will increase mutual relations with the focus of political, economic and cultural diplomacy and incentive policies provided for investments in Montenegro were made, within the scope of mutual common goals. EGİADThe possibilities for the members of Turkey to benefit from the opportunities in Montenegro were conveyed.

During the visit, which took place in the office of Podgorica Ambassador Songül Ozan, evaluations were made on increasing the trade volume between the two countries. Podgorica Ambassador Songül Ozan stated that Montenegro successfully reflects its multicultural and multi-religious social structure both in its parliament and in all areas of life, and said that Turkey and Montenegro have a common history, culture and kinship ties. Reminding that there are people of Montenegrin origin in Turkey and people of Turkish origin in Montenegro and this creates a common bond, Podgorica Ambassador Songül Ozan said, “Therefore, our relations with Montenegro have a very high potential. We care about taking this potential further in every field and realizing it in every field. We also fulfill our responsibility for the development of economic and commercial relations between the two countries. Recently, investors from Turkey have been coming here intensively. Montenegrin authorities and we are very pleased with this because Turkey always carries out encouraging and good policies to increase its trade capacity and volume with all countries.”

Commenting on interviews EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, pointed out the importance of establishing bilateral business meetings in foreign markets and said, “This type of business trip provides an important opportunity to evaluate, analyze and market research on imported or exported products. With these visits, it is aimed to increase the commercial capacity of our members.” Yelkenbiçer stated that the region has important advantages for the Turkish business world and that they want to be aware of the trade and investment advantages in Montenegro and to see these advantages in place. Montenegro is seen as a virgin region for the Turkish business world, especially since there is a need for investments in the field of industry.”

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