Cooperation from Aegean Young Businessmen Association and KOSGEB!

ege youth business people association and cooperation from kosgeb
ege youth business people association and cooperation from kosgeb

EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association held an information meeting in order to maximize the benefits of KOSGEB grants and supports for its members. EGİAD KOSGEB İzmir Manager Levent Arslan attended the event, which attracted great interest from its members. At the meeting, KOSGEB experts EGİAD It was also announced that a cooperation with its members will be started. Within the scope of the calls to be opened in the coming periods, KOSGEB experts EGİADIt is reported that the host.

The keynote speaker of the meeting EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the role of SMEs in the economy is very important and stated that besides their proportional size, their share in employment, added value, investment, tax and export items is also large.

SMEs Are Most Affected by Economic Fluctuations

Emphasizing that SMEs are economic units with both economic and social aspects, Yelkenbiçer said, “We account for 99,8% of the total number of enterprises in the Turkish economy; SMEs, which make up 73,5% of employment, 54% of salaries and wages, and 62% of turnover, have a very important role in the economy. On the other hand, it is an undeniable fact that SMEs, which need to be developed in terms of their know-how, amount of capital and especially their ability to access and benefit from the advantages of modern technology in the field of information and communication, have difficulties in finding financing. At the same time, it should be emphasized that SMEs are the most affected by the recent developments in the economy.

KOSGEB Develops Entrepreneurship

Noting that SMEs need easy access to financial resources in order to stimulate the economy and ensure a growth-development based economy. EGİAD President Yelkenbiçer said, “There is a need for structural strengthening of these businesses more than ever. Increasing the production rate with high added value, and in this context, ensuring the weight of high value-added products in exports should be our primary goal. In this context, KOSGEB's Entrepreneurship Supports, R&D, Technological Production and Localization Supports, Business Development, Growth and Internationalization Supports are very valuable for SMEs. From the perspective of an angel investor, I must underline that KOSGEB's long-term support in terms of supporting entrepreneurship has also enabled the incorporation of different entrepreneurial ideas.”

KOSGEB İzmir Manager, Levent Arslan, said that with this meeting, EGİAD Announcing the start of a cooperation where its members and KOSGEB experts will come together every month, KOSGEB conveyed its support. Making a separate presentation about the Business Development Support Program, Arslan said, “With the program, SMEs; Encouraging general business development activities in order to increase their competitiveness and level, increasing the institutionalization, branding level and share of SMEs in the economy, developing their capacities and meeting their priority needs, ensuring that they produce quality and efficient goods/services, SMEs in domestic and foreign markets It is aimed to develop promotional and marketing activities in order to increase their shares. We can support businesses in domestic fairs, international business trips, model factories, technical consultancy, qualified personnel employment, design, industrial property rights, certification, testing and analysis, and energy efficient electric motors replacement. Emphasizing that their aim is to develop a collaborative working culture of SMEs with each other or with large enterprises, to provide mutual benefit and competitive advantage, Arslan summarized the Project Subjects of the Cooperation Support Program as follows: Joint manufacturing in order to increase capacity, efficiency, product variety and quality, joint design, product and service development to meet customer demands and market demand, joint laboratory to improve product and service quality, joint marketing to increase their market share and create brand image, joint marketing, skills and services. Collaborations with the aim of developing their capabilities and participating in value chains and similar mutually beneficial, cost-reducing and competitive advantage-providing cooperation projects are supported.”

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