Parents Attention! 3T Monster Captures Children

parents beware t-monster is capturing children
parents beware t-monster is capturing children

Studies show that the pandemic increases screen addiction in children and leads to attention deficit. Stating that parents who succumbed to the 3T (phone, tablet and television) monster played a major role in this increase, Yükselen Zeka Publishing Founder Sabri Yaradmış said, “It is very normal for children exposed to screens to fall behind in their developmental areas and experience disorders. They have problems not only in the cognitive field, but also in other areas of development," he said.

The increase in the time spent in front of the screen with the pandemic negatively affects the development process of children, especially in the 3-6 age category. Research shows that limiting screen time has become mandatory. A study by the University of Calgary proves that infants aged 24 and 36 months underperform on behavioral, cognitive and social screening tests due to increased screen time. In children over 36 months, it is stated that the performance decreases even more. Sabri Yaradmış, the Founder of Yükselen Zeka Publishing House, noted that children should be completely removed from the screen and their development should be supported with educational sets and games against the problem of attention deficit, which is increasing with the development of technology, and said, “Parents are looking for solutions for their children who have attention deficit due to the 3T monster consisting of phones, tablets and televisions. Educational kits can guide parents in strengthening children's attention and supporting learning skills. However, it has no therapeutic effect. The treatment of this disease can only be done by physicians," he said.

Focus on 5 different areas of development

Underlining the need to focus on 5 different development areas in the games developed based on the lack of attention that occurs in parallel with the increasing screen addiction in children, Yaradmış said, “Games aimed at developing cognitive, psychomotor, language and speech, psychosocial, emotional and self-care skills support the healthy development of children. Games that neglect any of these areas are of no use to children.”

Beware of copy games

Saying that there are many brands that develop educational games in the market, Yaradmış says, “Hundreds of toys and educational sets are offered for sale, which are produced without considering the developmental stages of children. Some domestic companies copy foreign game companies. While doing this, they change the task cards or materials in the game in order to avoid legal obstacles. "I advise parents to do a lot of research when purchasing products for their children," he warned.

Moving work home opened the door to the 3T monster

Stating that parents unintentionally reflect the stress of business life to their children during the pandemic period, Yaradmış said, “Continuing business life from home opened the door to the 3T monster. Parents removed phones, tablets and phones from being a vehicle by saying, 'Let my child eat or sleep, I'll take care of my business'. Parents who used these devices as a purpose faced sad consequences. It is very normal for children exposed to screens to fall behind in their developmental areas and experience disorders. These children have problems not only in the cognitive field, but also in other areas of development.

Increasing calls for help from parents

Emphasizing that they received many calls for help from parents due to the lack of attention experienced by their children during the pandemic, Yaradmış said, “We do not only focus on attention deficit in our games and training sets developed for children. We support the development of children in different areas with our games targeting all developmental stages. Pointing out that the games developed for children of any age category should be prepared by a team of experts in their field, Yaradmış said, “There are psychologists, classroom and branch teachers, guidance specialists, graphic artists and painters in our editorial board. We prepare all our games under their supervision and bring them together with children and parents.”

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