Don't Use Antibiotics Immediately for Toothache

Do not use antibiotics immediately for dental pain
Do not use antibiotics immediately for dental pain

antibiotics; They are not innocent drugs as they are thought, they do not relieve pain and do not eliminate the source of dental infection,” said Dr. Instructor Member Burçin Arıcan Öztürk announced. Why Are Antibiotics Insufficient in Dental Infections?

In our society, unfortunately, there is an information pollution such as 'No dental procedure can be performed on abscessed teeth without the use of antibiotics'. Health organizations are trying to take precautions for the rational use and application of antibiotics all over the world and to raise public awareness. Since November 2015, campaigns are organized around the world for this purpose every year.

“Immediate Intervention is Essential in Abscessed Teeth”

Contrary to popular belief, emergency intervention is essential in abscessed, infected teeth. The patient; If there is no general health problem that will prevent the procedure, if there are no signs of complaints such as decreased mouth opening (trismus), fever exceeding 38 degrees, weakness, swelling of the lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy), the use of antibiotics is not essential. Contrary to popular belief, as a result of antibiotics used incorrectly and without emergency intervention, the fluid-like inflammatory tissue becomes congested and it becomes more difficult to solve the problem with dental procedures. However, after the emergency dental intervention, the rapid removal of the fluid-like inflammatory tissue from the area, the complaints regress rapidly, the chances of success and patient comfort increase.

Antibiotics Are Not Innocent!

Antibiotics are not innocent drugs as they seem to be. These drugs; It can develop allergies, cause colitis, increase treatment costs, cause gastrointestinal diseases, and most importantly, develop resistance. antibiotics; they do not relieve pain, they do not eliminate the source of dental infection. Because; The use of antibiotics without the advice of a physician is absolutely inconvenient.

Why Are Antibiotics Insufficient in Dental Infections?

In order for antibiotics to work, they must reach the infected area through the bloodstream. However, when it comes to oral tissues, antibiotics cannot act due to bone loss and lack of blood supply in the infected area. We are dentists; In dental infections, we prescribe antibiotics only when we deem necessary to control the surrounding tissue and the patient's systemic complaints.

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