DHL Express Named World's Best Workplace

dhl express was chosen as the best workplace in the world
dhl express was chosen as the best workplace in the world

📩 22/10/2021 12:40

DHL Express, the world's leading international express service provider, took first place in the list of the best workplaces worldwide in the annual list published by Great Place to Work™ (GPTW) in collaboration with Fortune magazine. This success of DHL Express, which has been developing continuously for more than 10 years and investing in its employees, was rewarded by being ranked 2017th in the list in 2021 and first in XNUMX.

DHL Express CEO John Pearson: Transformed with a focus strategy

John Pearson, CEO of DHL Express, commented on this success: “DHL Express has experienced a period of transformation since 2009, driven by its Focus strategy. In line with this strategy, we aimed to motivate the people working with us and to be the preferred employer. This was a bold step for a company of 220 people operating in 111 countries and with different transportation methods. What drives me every day is our belief in people and their capacity to deliver excellence to both our clients and each other. Congratulations to all our colleagues who made this possible and thank you to the participants of this year's survey. I have never been more proud to be a part of this company.”

DHL Express attaches great importance to recognizing the value of employees' hard work. The Transformational Focus strategy was one of many innovative DHL programs recognized by the award. DHL Express' Focus strategy was adopted in line with Deutsche Post DHL Group's goal of becoming the preferred employer, investment and service provider worldwide. The key to the success of this strategy has been the Certified International Specialist (CIS) program. The CIS program was launched in 2009 to develop a cultural and developmental DNA based on customer focus and trust. This program includes both inspiring training and interaction content offered by senior executives, as well as encouraging and rewarding business-critical behaviors.

Regine Büttner, Executive Vice President, HR, DHL Express: We are employee-focused

Regine Büttner, DHL Express Executive Vice President HR, said: “A key element of our strategy is our focus on the people who work for DHL Express. We wouldn't be able to deliver excellence to our customers as we do today if our amazing employees weren't so committed to their work. We are very proud of the progress of our initiatives and HR work around digital people, developing people, diverse people, healthy people and paying our debt to society, and that our dedication has been rewarded.”

Deutsche Post Group Human Resources Director Thomas Ogilvie: Our colleagues are our most valuable asset

Deutsche Post Group Human Resources Director Thomas Ogilvie expressed his views as follows: “As Deutsche Post DHL Group, we are proud that DHL Express was awarded the first place in the World's Best Workplace ranking in 2021. We consider our colleagues, who build bridges between people around the world and improve their lives, as our most valuable asset. Because their dedication and motivation to their work is the prerequisite for sustainable success. DHL Express is a role model and an inspiration for all of us in terms of people focus and employee orientation. I'm thrilled that our employees have rewarded us with a top spot in this year's Great Place to Work™ survey.”

Success in the pandemic

During the global pandemic, the pressure on logistics industry workers was intense. Being named World's Best Workplace™ in 2021 demonstrates the strength of the DHL Express culture. Conducted within the framework of confidentiality, the survey evaluates the employees' experiences of fairness, reliability, respect, pride and comradeship spirit. Initiatives and programs that reinforce the corporate culture are also evaluated within the scope of the survey. The GTPW survey revealed that the company surpassed its 2020 score of 93 percent in terms of staff motivation and engagement levels. During this challenging period, DHL Express has focused on job security and staff well-being, ensuring that employees stay safe, connected and supported.

Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work™, said: “It has never been more critical to be a great place to work for everyone, and it has never been more difficult at the same time.” says. Michael C. Bush continues: “DHL Express has proven that when you meet the expectations of your employees, they also meet the expectations of your customers. 94 percent of DHL employees say their service will be rated 'excellent' by their customers, which is above the global threshold of 86 percent.”

To qualify for the World's Best Workplace™ list, companies must first rank first on Great Place to Work' national lists of Best Workplaces™. These lists are created based on confidential survey data that assesses employees' trust, innovation, company values ​​and leadership experience. Companies are also ranked based on their success in creating a For All™ workplace experience that can include all employees, regardless of who they are or what they do. This year, COVID-19 has put physical and mental health at the center of the agenda for both employers and employees.

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