Citroen AMI Offers Freedom to Travel in High-traffic Cities

citroen ami offers the opportunity to travel freely in high-traffic cities
Citroen AMI Offers Freedom to Travel in High-traffic Cities

Being an environmentally friendly transportation solution with its fully electric driving feature, AMI offers the opportunity to travel freely to city centers with heavy traffic. AMI is a new transportation solution that responds to current and future urban constraints. The all-electric powertrain technology ensures a completely silent drive. AMI, which means friend in French, is your perfect companion in city traffic with its environmentally friendly technology and practical use.


Citroen AMI

The AMI 100% Electric has a smart design consisting of a limited number of symmetrical parts (bumpers, rear hinged door on driver's side, smart stowage, etc.).


Citroen AMI

With a length of 2,41 m, a width of 1,39 m and a height of 1,52 m, the AMI 100% Electric has extremely compact dimensions and occupies only half of a parking space. The turning circle of 7,2 meters facilitates difficult maneuvers in the city.


Citroen AMI

AMI 100% Electric provides more protection than 2 or 3 wheeled vehicles with its heated and closed passenger compartment. The panoramic roof, large windshield, side windows and rear window provide a bright interior.


Citroen AMI

AMI is 100% electric, there is a USB port on the right side of the steering wheel to connect your smartphone. Using the My Citroën app via the DAT@AMI connected terminal, you can view all data (current driving range, mileage, etc.) and find nearby public charging stations.


Citroen AMI

4 kits*, My AMI Grey, My AMI Blue, My AMI Orange and My AMI Khaki, offer easy assembly for any user and include various interior items such as a door net and a coin box. For the exterior, customization kits are offered, including 4 hubcaps, window trim finishers and capsule finishers. For even more customization, 2 more packages* are available. My AMI POP stands out as a fun, youthful and sporty theme with plenty of orange and a rear spoiler. With My AMI VIBE it reveals a stylish, graphic look including headlining. These 2 personalization packages are applied by professionals before delivery. * Available as an accessory.


licensed and non-licensed

Citroen AMI stands out as a suitable solution for anyone with a B16 license from the age of 1. With its balanced structure and maximum speed of 45 km/h, AMI provides confidence and ease of use in urban use. It can be used by teenagers for fun activities, young adults for short trips or seniors with an active life. AMI stands out as an ideal solution for daily commuting, for example, from home to work. Since there is no gear lever or clutch, AMI offers easy and practical use. In the drive mode selector; There are only 3 buttons D, N and R for driving, neutral and reverse respectively.


clock charge

To charge the Citroen AMI, it is sufficient to plug the integrated cable inside the passenger door into a standard socket (220 V), just like a smartphone or laptop. With the Citroen AMI, which can be charged 3% in just 100 hours, the need for a special charging station comes to an end.


km range

The AMI is 100% electric, offering a very suitable driving range for short, daily use. Its range is much higher than the average distance traveled each day, and it can easily take you to a meeting, to your workplace or to a dinner with friends.

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