Capacity Increase and New Destinations from SunExpress to Kayseri

Capacity Increase and New Destinations from SunExpress to Kayseri
Capacity Increase and New Destinations from SunExpress to Kayseri

Connecting Kayseri with direct scheduled flights to 9 destinations in Europe, SunExpress, a joint venture of Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, strengthens its position in Kayseri by adding Vienna to its flight network in the summer of 2022, as well as increasing its capacity and frequency this winter.

SunExpress, which offers flights to the highest number of destinations between Anatolian and European cities, gave the good news that it will add Vienna next summer to its international flights with direct scheduled flights from Kayseri, including Amsterdam, Basel, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hanover, Munich, Stuttgart and Lyon. . Announcing that it will increase the number of flights on Düsseldorf and Stuttgart routes, the airline offers two flights a week from Kayseri to central Antalya and four flights to Izmir in domestic flights.

SunExpress General Manager Max Kownatzki, who met with members of the press in Kayseri, said, “Kayseri is one of the fastest growing airports in our Anatolian network, and while we are planning our flights, we consider this city as a key route that offers important opportunities in terms of tourism. As an airline acting with the mission of Turkey's tourism ambassador, we continue to support the tourism and economy of the region and therefore the welfare of the Anatolian people.”

Sharing the latest developments in the aviation industry with the acceleration of vaccination efforts, Kownatzki said, “As one of the biggest supporters of Turkish tourism, we have provided our passengers access to the whole country during the pandemic. Kayseri showed a strong recovery in terms of passenger traffic and capacity, approaching pre-pandemic levels this summer, and this allows us to look positively to the upcoming period. In parallel with this, we expect to increase our capacity in Kayseri to 2019% above the 30 level in the next summer.”

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