Waiting Time Decreased and Capacity Increased in Bursa Metro

The waiting time in Bursa metro has decreased and the capacity has increased
The waiting time in Bursa metro has decreased and the capacity has increased

Bursaray Signaling System Revision, which reduces the waiting time in the existing rail system of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality to 2 minutes and increases the capacity by 66 percent, has been completed. With the project for which approximately 140 million TL was spent, Bursa residents will be able to reach their jobs and families faster with a waiting time of 2 minutes.

Signalization Optimization projected by the Metropolitan Municipality in order to use Bursaray, which is the main backbone of Bursa's urban transportation system, has been successfully completed. The first phase of the work, which covers the 23-kilometer line between the University and Arabayatağı, was completed on October 10, 2020, the second phase on March 21, 2021, and the last phase on August 21, 2021. In order to provide faster transportation in pandemic conditions, the system was put into use with the new training period.

140 million invested

In order not to disrupt public transportation, approximately 12.00 million TL was spent for the works carried out between 06.00 at night and 140 in the morning when normal operation stopped. With the study carried out, the signaling system, which previously supported a flight frequency of 6 minutes between University and Nilüfer and a maximum of 3,5 minutes between Nilüfer and Arabayatağı, was designed to support a frequency of 2 minutes between University and Arabayatağı. Additional expeditions could be put in front of each western expedition. Thanks to the new signaling and switchgear, a new line no. 3 was created, which runs only between Küçüksanayi and Demirtaşpaşa during peak hours. The capacity was increased without any vehicle purchase. Before the system is put into use, between 07:30 and 09:00, only 15 trips can be made from Acemler to the university direction. With 07, 30 expeditions began to be made from the Persians to the university direction. The number of expeditions can be up to 09 if a new vehicle is purchased. The current capacity has increased by 00 percent only from the Persians to the university direction. With the commissioning of the new vehicles to be purchased, the total capacity increase for the entire line will reach approximately 3 percent.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş announced to the public at a press conference that the project, which reduces the waiting times in the rail system and increases the capacity, was held. President Aktaş, who got on the subway from Acemler Bursaspor Station to attend the meeting at Bursaray Şehreküstü Station, took the train seat for a while and drove the vehicle. Bursa Deputies Atilla Ödünç and Ahmet Kılıç, İnegöl Mayor Alper Taban and AK Party Provincial President Davut Gürkan also attended the introductory meeting held at Şehreküstü Station. President Aktaş, who attended the ceremony, reminded that the construction of the rail system started in 1998 and it was put into service in 2002 with the Organized Industry - Şehreküstü, Small Industry - Şehreküstü lines. Expressing that the population of Bursa, which was 2 million 200 thousand in those years, has exceeded 3 million today, Mayor Aktaş said, “Bursaray, the foundation of which was laid 23 years ago to ease the traffic in the city, is growing in parallel with the development of our city. Along with adding new lines, we are working to make the most efficient use of existing lines. Signaling optimization, for which we spent approximately 140 million TL, is one of these studies. We have revised the whole line for only a few kilometers of new line cost. The works continued at night and thankfully the work was completed without any work accident. There is no need for intensity anymore because a new one will come in 2 minutes.”

New destination: T2 tram and Görükle line

Wishing that the work that reduces the waiting times in the rail system to 2 minutes will be beneficial, President Aktaş also touched upon the ongoing projects of the T2 line and the extension of the University Line to Görükle. Expressing that the T2 line will be completed by the middle of next year, President Aktaş noted that the preparation of the signaling team and the production of the materials to be mounted continue abroad. Expressing that they will definitely start the University Görükle Line next year, President Aktaş said, “I say it emphatically. Because the city is growing towards the west of the city, we need to extend this line towards there.” Chairman Aktaş added that the Odunluk Station, which was designed between the Acemler and Nilüfer stations, was also completed and that passengers were started to be taken from the new station.

Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç stated that another extremely important work for Bursa has been completed and said, “Compared to other provinces, our Bursa has long and important lines in the rail system. On the one hand, while new lines are coming, on the other hand, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has become the address of comfortable and convenient transportation by reducing the waiting time on the existing line until tomorrow. I congratulate our Metropolitan Municipality and Burulaş family, who contributed to the work.”

Bursa Deputy Atilla Ödünç described the project as an engineering marvel and said, “When our President first presented this project to us, it obviously did not seem reasonable. At the point reached today, we see that the waiting time has decreased from 4 minutes to 2 minutes and its capacity has increased by 66 percent. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the work. Good luck for our Bursa," he said.

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