Caution When Consuming These Foods Together!

Be careful when consuming these foods together.
Be careful when consuming these foods together.

Consuming some dishes together is a habit for years in Turkish cuisine. Usually, these pairings come to mind first when planning meals. E.g; such as beans-rice, meatballs-ayran, karniyarık-rice… But it is useful to be careful when consuming certain foods together. Acıbadem Maslak Hospital Nutrition and Diet Specialist Fatma Turanlı said, “The absorption of some nutrients can be adversely affected when consumed together. Although their flavors are very good together, some changes or additions may be needed in terms of healthy eating suggestions. Since the strong immune system, which has become even more important in today's conditions, is directly related to healthy nutrition and getting enough vitamins and minerals, the contents of the foods we eat must be balanced. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Fatma Turanlı explained what should be considered when 'dried on rice' and meatball-ayran couple are consumed together, and made important warnings and suggestions.

Dry bean/chickpea-rice duo

Foods such as beans and chickpeas, which are from the legumes group, have a very nutritious content and are very rich in vegetable protein, calcium, iron, zinc, manganese, copper and group B vitamins. It is a very healthy food group that is recommended to be consumed in every age group. However, in order to increase the use of these vitamins in the body, it is recommended to consume them with foods such as salad / fruit rich in vitamin C. It is a habit to consume rice with dried beans. The high glycemic index of rice requires caution when consuming. It is recommended that people with diseases such as diabetes and insulin resistance do not consume rice pilaf and consume bulgur pilaf instead. At the same time, because of the lack of methionine amino acid in legumes, beans and chickpeas become a quality protein source when eaten with bulgur. In addition, adding yoghurt or buttermilk to dry beans-rice will slow down the absorption of sugar.

Meatball – ayran duo

Meat group foods are a source of animal protein. It is also a very good source of iron and B12. The iron they contain has the highest absorption rate in the body after breast milk. Anemia, which is an important health problem especially seen in women, is caused by not consuming foods containing sufficient iron or due to nutritional mistakes. The absorption of iron from food can be reduced by many factors. Caffeinated beverages, dairy products, bran, etc. May reduce iron absorption. For this reason, those with serious anemia complaints should be careful not to consume milk-yogurt together with iron-rich foods such as meat-meatballs, and they should definitely consume foods rich in vitamin C such as pepper, tomato, green salad along with meat dishes.

Milk and molasses/egg duo

Milk calcium content is very high, it is a beverage that is usually given to children for breakfast. Molasses and eggs are also very valuable foods that are consumed for breakfast and rich in protein and iron. Calcium in milk slows down or prevents the absorption of iron contained in molasses and eggs. In order to avoid this inhibition, it is better to drink freshly squeezed orange juice as a beverage for breakfasts containing eggs and molasses. It will be more beneficial if milk is drunk during snacks or before going to bed in the evening.

After-dinner coffee – tea

Coffee, tea, which are our traditional drinks that we like to drink right after meals, are very caffeine-rich drinks. The absorption of the iron we get from the meals we eat is very reduced due to the tea and coffee drunk immediately after the meal. Considering that we do not consume iron-rich foods much, it is necessary to give up this habit in order to prevent anemia. Particular attention should be paid to not drinking tea with eggs, which are sources of iron, consumed at breakfast, or to drinking a tea with light lemon, and consuming fruits rich in vitamin C such as oranges and kiwis.

Yogurt with fish

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Fatma Turanlı said, “It is common in our society that when products such as yogurt and milk are consumed together with fish, they poison the person. But this is not true. Since fish is a perishable food, it should be stored well and consumed fresh if possible. If there is any deterioration in the fish, it can cause digestive system disorders when eaten with yogurt. The amount of protein called histamine in fish increases when the fish gets stale. Yogurt also contains histamine, so when you eat stale fish and yogurt, the histamine increase causes symptoms of poisoning. If you are sure that the fish and yogurt are fresh, you can easily consume them together.

Spinach and yoghurt

Spinach, which is one of the favorite vegetables of winter and spring months, is rich in nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, zinc, carotene and lutein, as well as being a source of vitamin C. Since it is low in calories and high in antioxidant content, it is good for many diseases. Thanks to vitamin K, it is good for bone health, vitamin A content for eyes, folic acid content for nervous system development, anemia and many other diseases. Consuming spinach with yoghurt is not inconvenient as its nutritional content is further enriched. In other words, the belief that yogurt binds the iron in spinach is not true.

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