Izuret, Reproducing Digital Twins of Buildings, Grows in Izmir

izuret, which produces the digital twin of buildings, grows in izmir
izuret, which produces the digital twin of buildings, grows in izmir

Operating in Izmir as the operation center of the USA-based Factory Reality, İzÜret Yazılım ve Mühendislik Sanayi Tic. Inc. started its services in its new office in the Aegean Free Zone. Izuret, which produces three-dimensional digital copies of buildings for global companies from Izmir, plans to increase the number of its employees with its new investment.

The opening ceremony of İzÜret's new office was attended by US Commercial Attaché Eli Lovely, Aegean Free Zone Manager Şenay Satıoğlu, Factory Reality and İzÜret Board Member Ron Harding, İzÜret A.Ş. founder John Mickey and many guests attended.

Speaking at the ceremony, İzÜret A.Ş. founder John Mickey emphasized that they serve international companies from Izmir and that they will grow faster thanks to their new offices. Mickey stated that with the new office, they have achieved a modern working environment with the size and qualifications that can meet the increasing business potential, and all the details of the office have been designed in such a way that designers can produce with pleasure.

Emphasizing that millions of buildings, facilities and structures are not managed well today, just because they have printed records and outdated plans, Mickey said that Izuret was established in the Aegean Free Zone in 2020 to serve global brands, and within a year to meet its growing business potential, it has moved to a larger and modern office. He said they passed. Emphasizing that it is very important to create digital twins that reflect the exact copy of existing structures in order to better manage, operate and develop existing structures in today's world where digitalization is becoming widespread in all areas, Mickey said that with the software and digitalization service developed by İzÜret, global companies have transformed their existing infrastructure and building portfolios into a digital form. conveyed. John Mickey gave the following information about his work: “Here, too, we support them in realizing their digitalization vision with detailed building information modeling (BIM) and 3D digital software / QAQC services. As İzÜret team, we produced digital versions of more than 3 venues last year. Among the companies we serve from Izmir, there are also global companies such as Starbucks, Hitachi, ABB, Grupo Bimbo and The Home Depot. In order to meet the increasing business potential, we are increasing the number of our employees with our new office. We aim to increase the number of our employees from 11 to 20 by the end of the year and to 5 within 50 years. “

Talented Young People Attracted to Izmir

Stating that they prefer to grow in İzmir thanks to its well-educated, talented and hardworking young population, John Mickey made the following assessment for their investments here: “We have planned our entire workforce according to İzmir. In terms of our work, we have friends who work in areas such as architects, civil engineers, city planners, as well as software developers. We offer quality at a more affordable price compared to America. Sure, we are not as cheap as an India in price. We create serious added value. This makes us preferable.”

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