Capital Citizens Will Start Using Electric Scooters in 2 Districts in 8 Weeks

capital city residents will start using electric scooters in the district during the week
capital city residents will start using electric scooters in the district during the week

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has taken new decisions regarding the use, control and authorization principles of electric scooters, one of the new generation transportation vehicles. As a result of the applications made in the past months by companies that have received authorization certificates for electric scooters, a total of 8 thousand 5 scooters were allowed to be used in 169 districts. In about 2 weeks, scooters will be started to be used by the citizens of the capital in 8 districts.

The electric scooter, the new generation transportation vehicle, which is used in European countries increasing day by day and which is preferred because it reduces carbon emissions with the use of motor vehicles, is also becoming widespread in Başkent.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also allowed the use of electric scooters throughout the city in line with the regulation published in the Official Gazette on April 14, 2021 and the decision taken by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) on September 8, 2021.

As a result of the evaluation made among the companies that applied to the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department with their authorization certificate and petitions, 8 thousand 5 scooters were granted to 5 companies in all 169 districts.


According to the decision taken within the scope of the "Electric Scooter Regulation", the companies that received the authorization certificate from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure reported the number of scooters to be used in the districts to the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department.

The Department of Transportation, which examined the company lists and numbers, determined the number of districts and scooters, taking into account the negative effects that may occur in case the number of scooters is high in some districts. After the publication of the UKOME decision, the scooters will start to serve at the end of the 45-day legal period. Capital residents will be able to use a total of 2 thousand 8 scooters belonging to 5 companies in 5 districts in approximately 169 weeks on the streets of Ankara as a means of transportation.

Scooter distribution in 8 districts is as follows:

  • Altindag: 332
  • Cankaya: 1540
  • Etimesgut: 396
  • Golbasi: 47
  • Kecioren: 1082
  • Mamak: 646
  • Xinjiang: 283
  • Yenimahalle: 843


In the capital, where children under the age of 15 cannot drive and the maximum speed will be 20 kilometers, parking can only be done in areas permitted by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.

Scooter usage, which will be inspected by the Metropolitan Municipality, will not be able to go beyond the boundaries of the district by scooter. The electric scooter will not be used on highways, intercity highways and highways with a maximum speed limit of 50 km/h.

Electric scooters, which attract attention with their comfortable use and have environmental features, can be used on the vehicle road if there is a bicycle path or bicycle lane. Scooters will not be used on sidewalks.

Operators will have Personal Accident and 3rd Party Accident Insurance for users against possible damages and damages to third parties. At the end of the journey, the user will be required to issue an invoice stating the usage period, usage amount, time and date.

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