Capital Hosted Drift and Automobile Festival

the capital hosted the drift and automobile festival
the capital hosted the drift and automobile festival

Organized for the third time this year with the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Yenimahalle Municipality and Yer6Fest Entrepreneurs, Turkey's largest "Drift and Automobile Festival" provided unforgettable moments to automobile enthusiasts in the Capital city.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to support automobile sports, which is followed with interest by all age groups, as well as the cultural events it organizes in the Capital.

Turkey's largest “Drift and Automobile Festival” was held in the Capital between 6-9 October 10 in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Yenimahalle Municipality and Yer2021Fest Entrepreneurs. The festival brought together thousands of automobile enthusiasts and professional pilots.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality participated in the 'Drift and Automobile Festival' held at the A City Premium Outlet parking lot; stage, pop music concert, accordion and concrete barrier, tent, fire truck and ambulance services and provided logistic support.

Yer6Fest Media Director Sürhan Altınkanat stated that they were met with intense interest from the people of the Capital.

“Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Mansur gave all kinds of support to us, especially the mayor. We thank them very much. We get very positive feedback from citizens. Citizens who spend time with their families also experience adrenaline.

In the festival, which was held for the third time this year and the entrance was free, Başkent residents who are interested in automobile sports also had the opportunity to meet professional pilots from all over Turkey. While the festival, attended by 150 modified vehicles, hosted breathtaking shows, modified vehicles on special tracks and American cars, sports and classic cars, darg cars, Off Road cars and unique collection vehicles were also showcased.


All citizens, from 7 to 70, who came to the festival from many parts of the city, summarized their excitement with the following words:

-Altan Üstündag: “A very good event. It's my first time and the cars are excellent. I want these kinds of events to continue.”

-Feridun Aktoprak: “I was very happy to hear that this event will be held. Very good safety measures have also been taken. Young people needed such an activity and entertainment environment. Thank you very much to our President for his support. It was a very enjoyable environment. People are very happy and participation is very high.”

-Orçun Demir: “There has been a change for both the youth and the people of Ankara. We want more such events to be held in Ankara. Unfortunately, there are not many places in our country where people who are interested in cars can satisfy their curiosity. Events are increasing in our city and therefore we are very happy.”

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