Time Travel with AudiStream

Time travel with audistream
Time travel with audistream

Audi turns automotive history into an immersive experience with its new online tour program. With the AudiStream app, highlights from Audi's more than 120 years of history can be explored online. The new “Audi Tradition” publication sheds light on the history of the brand with its historical images. The tour guides, who provide information to the audience during the tour, also answer questions live.
Audi showcases its more than 120 years of history with its “Audi Tradition” publications. All the history of the brand, from the day it started automobile production, to the high technology it has reached today, from the first steps in motor sports to its rally victories after the 1980s, are exhibited in films.

Technical milestones in automotive history such as quattro all-wheel drive, tomorrow's mobility, virtual journeys through time are guests of the audience's homes. The online tour is narrated in full detail by experienced guides, live from a studio.

The guides, who were extremely familiar with the history of the brand during their tenure at the Audi Museum Mobile in Ingolstadt, engage in dialogue with the participants and direct the approximately twenty-minute live stream. Viewers can choose a date and time to watch the live stream online at AudiStream. The stream can be watched for free, but internet access is charged depending on the provider the user chooses.

In addition to the online tour covering the brand's history, users can also choose from a number of different streams. Contents such as "Audi Live at the Neckarsulm", "Audi live at the Ingolstadt Factory" or "Insight Audi Design", which provide information about Audi's production processes and design philosophy, are among the publications that are already drawing great interest from the audience.

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