Apple and Apple Juice Exports Run to 400 Million Dollars

Apple and Apple Juice Exports Run to Million Dollars
Apple and Apple Juice Exports Run to Million Dollars

Apple harvest has started in Turkey, which is among the top three countries in the world with an annual apple production of 4,3 million tons. Apple and apple juice also stand out as an important export product.

While Turkey's apple exports increased by 2021 percent from 65 million dollars to 78 million dollars in the January-September period of 129, apple juice exports jumped from 60 million dollars to 86 million dollars with an increase of 139 percent.

India is experiencing abundance in apple exports

Indians demanded Turkish apples the most. Apple exports to India jumped 161 percent from $16 million to $41,7 million.

With this performance, India surpassed the Russian Federation in the ranking of the countries to which we export the most apples. While Russia ranks second with 32 million dollars of apple exports, we exported 13 million dollars of apples to Iraq. The number of countries to which we export apples was recorded as 72.

Stating that apple is a fruit suitable for the taste and income levels of almost all people in Turkey and around the world, therefore, the trade area is wide, Aegean Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Exporters' Association President Hayrettin Ucak stated that they aim to exceed 2021 million dollars in Turkey's apple exports in 200. .

Sharing the knowledge that the demand for apples is increasing due to the increasing trend of healthy eating in developed countries and the increasing population and income in developing countries, Hayrettin Aircraft said, “Unlike other agricultural products, apples can be grown in every region in Turkey. It has a high adaptability to different climatic and ecological conditions. In the coming years, it is possible that apple production will increase even more and the export figures will increase 2-3 times. Our apple and apple juice exports will reach the level of 2021 million dollars by the end of 400, and in the near future, we can obtain 1 billion dollars of foreign currency from apple and apple juice exports.”

52 percent of fruit juice exports are apple juice exports

While Turkey's fruit juice exports increased by 2021 percent in the 9-month period of 23, reaching $223 million to $268 million, apple juice exports received a 139 percent share from fruit juice exports with $52 million.

While the United States of America was the leader in apple juice exports with a demand of 54,5 million dollars, the second country that imported the most apple juice from Turkey was the Netherlands with 15,3 million dollars. England made its name on the third step of the summit with a demand of 6,3 million dollars.

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