Ankara Theaters Curtains for the New Season

ankara theaters said curtain for the new season
ankara theaters said curtain for the new season

📩 10/10/2021 12:49

The season opening of Ankara Theaters turned into a festival with the organization of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara City Council. Capitalists from 7 to 70 showed great interest in the opening festival held in Gazi Park and attended by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. Yavaş said, “We missed our artists, we missed the plays, they also missed the applause. Now, as an administration that respects art, we hope to bring our fellow citizens of Ankara together with all branches of art, and I say curtain.”

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its works in line with its goal of making Ankara the capital of art and culture.

With the cooperation of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and Ankara City Council, 'Ankara Theaters Season Opening Festival' was held in Gazi Park. Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş also attended the opening of the season, which attracted great interest from the people of the Capital from 7 to 70.


Expressing that he was happy to attend this opening in Gazi Park, located in Atatürk Forest Farm, which Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk entrusted to future generations, Yavaş addressed the people of the Capital with the following words:

“Unfortunately, we cannot say that we have developed as much in art as our country has developed as the Republic has developed. Especially in recent years, you know that Ankara has become a city where art is not respected. Now, as an administration that respects art, we hope to bring our fellow citizens of Ankara together with all branches of art.”

Slow, stating that they are determined to make the Capital also the capital of art, said:

“Starting from the 100th anniversary of Atatürk's arrival in Ankara, we are approaching the Sakarya Victory and then the opening of the Turkish Grand National Assembly and the 100th anniversary of the Republic. Hopefully, we will celebrate the 100th anniversary together with enthusiasm and step into the second century together. As you know, our theaters were away from art due to the pandemic, and Ankara was away from art, but we missed it. We missed our artists, we missed the games, and they missed the applause. Hopefully, starting from today, we will bring all kinds of art and especially theaters together with applause everywhere in Ankara, and we will have our fill of art. That's why I welcome you all and say curtain."


The season opening festival, where private theaters in Ankara open stands and promote their plays; It also brought together artists and art lovers with jugglers, tall men, puppets, magic shows, face painting and various workshops.

EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş emphasized that it is exciting to watch the stage performances of the theaters in Gazi Park with the people of Başkent and said, “Everyone from 7 to 70 is here. Ankara will experience a season full of art and culture in the days to come. Together, we will carry out arts-filled activities that we envy and miss”, while the Chairman of the Executive Board of Ankara City Council Halil İbrahim Yılmaz said, “When our Metropolitan Mayor said, 'Ankara will be the capital of culture and art,' all the culture and art circles in the city were excited today. We see the reflection. Nearly 40 private theaters came together voluntarily. The theater season opens with a big event. All the neighborhoods in the city met in a common area. In the name of culture and art, they open the theater season with a big carnival. Ankara continues to be the capital of culture and art.


Expressing that they are happy to meet with the art lovers of the Capital City at the season opening of Ankara Theatres, the theater artists summarized their thoughts with the following words:

Umut Özbay: “Even though the pandemic has affected the art field badly, we hope to return to a good season by spreading the love of theater to people in this new season.”

Bülent Durmaz: “The support given to us by our Mr. Mansur president is really meaningful and very nice. Especially after the Philharmonic Orchestra, I think we started a first that has not been done in Turkey. We are opening the new season of the theater in this land that Atatürk inherited us.”

Neva Akçay: “After 1,5 years, we will have our games again, albeit under the shadow of the pandemic. Thank you very much for this beautiful organization.”


Making a press statement regarding the opening of the season in front of the Ulus Victory Monument, Ankara Theater Producers Association (ANTİYAP) President Ali Nihat Yavşan called out to all stakeholders, from local governments to non-governmental organizations, and asked them to support the theaters.

Stating that they are hopeful again with the season opening of 35 private theaters in Ankara and that they aim to build a cultural bridge with the world by organizing festivals, Yavşan said, “As our Republic approaches its 100th anniversary, let's announce a theater mobilization. Let's let theater be reborn everywhere, let's support theaters. Let's make new stages so that theaters can be home. Let's open new stages so that our audience can breathe."

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