mius comes after akinci tiha
mius comes after akinci tiha

President Erdoğan paid a condolence visit to Baykar Defense facilities for Özdemir Bayraktar, who passed away on October 18, 2021, and made statements on the export of AKINCI TİHA, MIUS and UAVs to Africa. During the statement, 2 Akıncı TİHAs and 6 Bayraktar TB2s on the production line were also reflected in the camera with their assembly completed in different degrees.

“After Akıncı, we will fly the Rainbow”

Erdogan said, "We flew Akıncı together with you, who knows, we will fly many more Akıncı, I hope we will fly the Rainbow together, we don't have much time, we have to fly them together." With his statements, it was thought that the name of MIUS, which was Baykar Defense's next step after AKINCI TİHA, was announced. According to the information obtained, President Erdoğan's speech used the term "rainbow" rather than naming any system. It was stated that Baykar Defense has not yet made a naming for the MIUS system. MIUS is planned to make its first flight in 2023.

UAV Demand from African Countries

Erdoğan mentioned that there is a demand for Turkish UAVs/SİHAs from African countries he has visited recently. He added that Turkey's work in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is followed by certain countries. There are allegations that Bayraktar TB2 was delivered to Morocco while Bayraktar TB2s belonging to the Libyan Government of National Reconciliation destroyed various elements belonging to Haftar, including air defense systems.

The signing of a Defense Industry Cooperation Agreement with Nigeria, one of the countries Erdogan visited, draws attention to Nigeria as the next potential African customer of UAVs.

Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selçuk Bayraktar, who participated in the Gebze Technical University (GTU) Aviation and Space Summit 2 event, stated that 10 countries are in the queue and that the contracts with these countries have been completed or are about to be completed.

Source: defenceturk

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