EU Project Training for Entrepreneur Candidates from Foça Women's Association

ab project training for entrepreneur candidates from foca womanca association
ab project training for entrepreneur candidates from foca womanca association

The Producer and Entrepreneurs Association (Woman's Association), which was established in Foça District of İzmir recently, organized a project training to benefit from European Union (EU) AND national grant funds. In the two-day training, the participants were taught how to prepare projects on every subject, with examples and applications.

The trainings held at the Foça Municipality Denizkent Social Facility were given by the Manisa Governorship EU Foreign Relations Provincial Coordinator Ural Sevener. The participants, the majority of whom were women and comprised of members of the association and representatives of the institutions, put the theoretical training they had received on the first day into practice with the working groups formed on the second day. In the last section, the missing and faulty issues seen in the applications were determined and explained to the project preparers. Attention was drawn to the importance of error-free project preparation in benefiting from grant funds.


Educator Ural Sevener, EU Foreign Relations Provincial Coordinator of Manisa Governorship, said that they provide training for associations, NGOs and public institutions to come together and prepare projects. Ural Sevener; “We are here for project preparation trainings for EU and development agencies funds and other resources provided to NGOs in the coming period. We held a small practical training in which NGOs and public institutions were given priority in the training, how to prepare projects for funds from national sources, and information on project cycle management about preparation methods. Especially to NGOs; As of the upcoming periods, we recommend that they do capacity building practices by writing many projects on EU and National issues. We, as the public, are trying to contribute to the preparation of these projects. Individuals and organizations can request training from us. " said.

Mukaddes Yarba, President of Foça Womanly Decision Producers and Entrepreneurs Association, said that more than 100 women have been operating as a Womanly Decision Group for 3 years, but they have gained an official title by becoming an association. Emphasizing that their first job was education; “Our 100 producing women, who have been here for three years, were already doing some work. We have established an association to give them an official title. We are in a team of studies to enable them to cooperate with institutions and organizations in a healthier way, to support them, to bring them together with producers and consumers, and to produce projects. First we started with education. We wanted to start with the project training and applications first, and individuals and institutions benefit from it. Let them produce projects that can contribute to our Foça. Most of these projects will be grant fund projects. We did a two-day training. Our projects cover many fields related to education, agriculture, tourism, especially women, the elderly, the disabled, employment and real agriculture. Our friends who receive this training will be able to make projects as entrepreneurs and make great contributions to themselves, their institutions and Foça.”

Project trainings in Foça were completed by giving certificates to the participants.

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