TAI Receives 33 Awards Within the Scope of ISIF

Tuas became the owner of the award within the scope of the work
Tuas became the owner of the award within the scope of the work

Istanbul International Invention Fair (ISIF) 2021 awards found their owners at the event held as part of Teknofest. Turkish Aerospace Industries won the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) National Award within the scope of ISIF. kazanWhile he won a total of 3 awards, including 11 gold, 18 silver and 33 bronze awards.

The WIPO award was presented to ANKA's patented software-assisted braking system developed by Turkish Aerospace Engineers. kazanOn the other hand, the company was deemed worthy of a total of 3 Gold awards with its “One Welding System” within the scope of the new generation thermoplastic production method, “One Shooting System” aimed to be used in attack helicopters and “One Landing Gear” system used in ANKA SİHA.

Evaluating the ISIF awards, Turkish Aerospace Industry General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil said, “We have achieved an important success at the ISIF awards. We continue to add high value to the future of our independent and unique defense industry with the works we carry out. On the other hand, we are working on projects that can shape the future of the world aviation ecosystem. I congratulate my colleagues who contributed.” said.

Continuing its R&D activities uninterruptedly, Turkish Aerospace Industries, with its more than 3 thousand R&D employees, aims to develop a total of 100 national and international patents and utility models based on advanced technology until the end of this year, and exceeding 3 Billion Turkish Liras. It aims to spend on R&D.

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