Button Pressed for Red Crescent Trust Monument Restoration

Button Pressed for Red Crescent Trust Monument Restoration

Button Pressed for Red Crescent Trust Monument Restoration

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is working hard to unearth the historical and cultural values ​​of the Capital, which has become a symbol, and to transfer them to future generations. With the protocol signed, the restoration works of the “Monument of Trust”, whose cost will be covered by the Başkent Organized Industrial Zone and will be completed in cooperation, have started.

Protecting the historical and cultural values ​​of the capital city, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will restore the “Confidence Monument”, one of the most important legacies and symbols of the republican period, located in Kızılay Güvenpark.

Within the scope of restoration works; After the missing stones of the Güven Monument and its surroundings, which were built in 1935, are completed, the stone will be cleaned by sandblasting.

The monument will be restored in accordance with its original form with the works to fill the cracked parts and stone consolidation.


Emphasizing that the monument, which will be meticulously restored without damaging the historical texture, will continue to be the symbol of Güvenpark and have a new look, Bekir Ödemiş, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage, gave the following information about the work to be done:

“We have started the restoration work of the Trust Monument, which has an important place in the city's memory and was completed in 1935. We have prepared all scientific technical reports for the restoration work of the Monument of Trust. Since it is a protected area, we passed it through the protection boards. We continue this work under the leadership of the Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. Our aim is to bring one of the most important works of the history of the republic, which is about to disappear, to our city with a more original identity. Thus, transforming our Ankara from being a mediocre city into a city with an identity.”


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality signed a cooperation protocol with the Capital Organized Industrial Zone for the restoration of the Monument of Trust, which was started by the Austrian artist Anton Hanak in 1934 and completed by Josef Thorak from Salzburg.

Stating that they will cover all the costs of the restoration works with the awareness of urbanity and history, Başkent Organized Industrial Zone Chairman Şadi Türk made the following assessments:

“We are happy to contribute to the cultural activities of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. We believe that it is not right to protect historical heritages only by municipalities and public institutions, and that all non-governmental organizations and economic and social organizations should also support this. It also makes us happy to be in this project as we take a stand with this understanding. We will leave a very good memory when we complete this project by highlighting Kızılay Square again. Together, we will raise our feet to the city we live in. I would like to thank our municipality for bringing Ankara's values ​​to the fore and bringing the city's texture to life again, and for bringing this to light together.”


Latif Özen, one of the experts from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who stated that they are happy to come together at Kızılay Güvenpark for the restoration work started, summarized his thoughts with the following words:

“I prepared the conservation and conservation project of the monuments in Ankara. Metropolitan Municipality is at the stage of implementation. First of all, the Ulus Monument is finished, and now the work for the Trust Monument in Güvenpark is about to begin. These monuments are the structures that symbolize Ankara. It had to be restored to its original form. This is happening now.”

Hacı Bayram Veli University Faculty of Fine Arts Faculty Member Dr. Murat Cura, on the other hand, stated that they would support the restoration works and said, “I and my students will carry out the practical execution of the work. We signed a protocol with the Metropolitan Municipality. Deformations have occurred on the monument. Our primary goal regarding these is to train students and to be a good example to people while teaching them the right things. At the end of the study, we will be able to better explain what we have done.”

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