The Ancient City of Smyrna is Unearthed with the Support of Beautiful Energy

The Ancient City of Smyrna is Unearthed with the Support of Beautiful Energy
The Ancient City of Smyrna is Unearthed with the Support of Beautiful Energy

Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş., one of Turkey's leading fuel companies, protects its cultural heritage in line with its corporate social responsibility approach. While the excavations are being carried out by Associate Professor Doctor Akın Ersoy, an academic member of the Department of Turkish-Islamic Archeology on behalf of İzmir Katip Çelebi University, with the permission of the General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums of the TR Ministry of Culture and Tourism, with the support of Güzel Enerji, the Ancient City of Smyrna comes to light after thousands of years.

Named after the Amazon women and based on a dream of Macedonian King Alexander; Ancient Smyrna/İzmir Excavations, one of the most important archaeological projects carried out in our country, are revealing the İçkale, Smyrna Theater and Smyrna Agora in Kadifekale. In the Agora of Smyrna, a part of which is currently open to visitors, work continues on the Agora Basilica, one of the largest civil basilicas of ancient times, the ancient City Council and the Agora Roman Bath.

The Agora Basilica also contains the world's richest collection of graffiti (Grafito). With these graffiti, almost every area of ​​daily life in the Roman World and Ancient Smyrna/İzmir; beliefs, gladiator fights, trade, ship technologies, natural life, etc. information about it is possible. With the excavations carried out in the Agora of Smyrna, many finds and information can be reached about the 500-year-old Ottoman and Early Republican Periods' residential and commercial fabric, places of worship, street fountains and daily life in and around Kemeraltı, as well as imported products from local and European/Far East.

The Smyrna Theater, on the other hand, was brought to light again after 2014 years with the 1.500 excavations and continues to exist as one of the great theater structures of the ancient world with a capacity of 20.000 people.

Providing information about the Smyrna Ancient City Excavation project, which is of great importance for the historical and cultural promotion of our country, Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. Marketing Director Mert Kokulu said, “As you know, in line with our growth targets, TOTAL Stations and M Oil brands, Güzel Enerji Akaryakıt A.Ş. merged under one roof in 2020. Today, we serve with a total of 910 stations and a 6,5% market share, with a total of 251 stations in the Aegean and 39 stations in Izmir, with our TOTAL and M Oil Stations under the Güzel Enerji Fuel distribution license.

On the other hand, as Güzel Energy, we support the Smyrna Ancient City project, which we have been one of the sponsors of since 2008, with the aim of protecting the cultural heritage of our country, in line with our understanding of corporate social responsibility. We are proud to have contributed to these studies aiming to While serving our visitors in line with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction, we attach importance to implementing projects that are important for our society and our country, and to support our current projects in terms of social responsibility. Until the pandemic period, we organized a wide variety of activities to introduce and endear history, especially to children and young people. We hosted more than 1.000 children and youth in these events, which took place on a wide scale, from ceramic workshops to philosophy meetings, from intelligence and exploration games in the ancient city, to help our hearing-impaired children get acquainted with history. In the upcoming period, we will continue our work at full speed in order to introduce, love and adopt history to new generations.” said.

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