Russian Warplanes Harassed Turkish and American Aircraft

Russian Warplanes Harassed Turkish and American Aircraft
Russian Warplanes Harassed Turkish and American Aircraft

According to the statement made by the Russian Ministry of Defense on 20 October 2021, 2 Russian Su-30 fighter jets “accompanied” 2 B-1B bombers and 2 KC-135 tanker aircraft in the Black Sea waters. "On October 19, 2021, air targets approaching the state border of Russia were detected over the neutral waters of the Black Sea," the statement said. expressions were used.

In the continuation of the statement, “Two Su-2 fighter jets of the air force took off to detect air targets and prevent a possible attack.” statements were included. In addition, the Ministry stated that Su-30 pilots detected 30 B-2B bombers of the US Air Force and 1 KC-2 tanker planes accompanying them and escorted the planes.

The Russian Ministry of Defense noted that the Su-30s returned safely to the airbase after the foreign military aircraft were turned away from Russia's state border. In this regard, “The flight of Russian aircraft was carried out strictly. Violation of the state borders of Russia by international rules on the use of airspace was not allowed.” it said.

In the video shared by the Russian Ministry of Defense, while refueling from the air, the Russian Su-30 fighter pilot maneuvers at close range by showing the air-to-air missiles.

NATO: Flight training was carried out in the Black Sea

On October 19, 2021, 2 B-1 bombers, which took off from Fairford, England, to go to Incirlik Air Base, were accompanied by Polish, Romanian and Canadian planes over the Black Sea. In this context, it was stated that the bombers belonging to the US Air Force provided simulated weapons training in the Black Sea region, allowing the air crew to practice using weapons.

Speaking about the training, Air Chief General Jeff Harrigian said, “The ability to quickly deploy strategic bombers on Allied territory is vital to maintaining our 7/24 readiness. Integration with Allied fighters creates the necessary muscle memory for our airmen and allows NATO to project military might.” used the phrases.

In addition, the bombers refueled in the air from KC-135 aircraft of the Royal and Turkish Air Forces. In addition to the air refueling, the B-1 aircraft performed a hot pit refuel at Incirlik Air Base before returning to the UK. Thanks to the hot pit refuel, the crew can take off instantly. This saves time for the teams.

Source: defenceturk

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