Rescue Exercise That Doesn't Look for the Truth in Izmir Metro

The real rescue operation in the Izmir metro
The real rescue operation in the Izmir metro

Izmir Metro continues its training activities and exercises in order to be prepared against possible negativities. Finally, a joint fire response and evacuation drill was held with the Izmir Fire Brigade Department. In the drill held after midnight, the teams successfully implemented the rescue scenario.

A fire response and evacuation drill was held within the framework of the emergency action plan in İzmir Metro, which attaches importance to training activities in order to be prepared for possible fire, accident and disaster situations. Extinguishing, rescue and safety issues were also discussed within the framework of the plan. Previously, “No Panic! There is a drill!” According to the scenario of the exercise, which is announced on social media with a notification; A fire broke out in a subway car moving from Fahrettin Altay Station in the direction of Poligon Station. The driver immediately informed the center by applying the emergency brake of the vehicle; Firefighters were notified of the situation. The staff in charge has implemented the measures to be taken during this period; He cut off the electricity of the subway and got the passengers off the wagon one by one. While the personnel was responding to the fire, the firefighters from the Central Region, Hatay and Fahrettin Altay firefighters came to the scene in 112 minutes with a fully equipped fire sprinkler, search and rescue vehicle and AKS 3 and ensured that the fire was extinguished. According to the scenario on the train, the two injured people were rescued after the first aid of the paramedics.

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Our safety priority

Izmir Metro A.S. General Manager Sönmez Alev reminded that safety is one of the top priorities in İzmir Metro, which is used by an average of 300 thousand passengers a day, and said, “We attach great importance to training activities and exercises in order to be prepared for both fire and possible risks. We conduct more than twenty exercises during the year. We did one of these together with our İzmir Fire Department as a fire drill. We measure incident response times and our performance. Our last fire drill was also very productive. In this exercise, we saw how we would act in case of a fire in a wagon. Our fire brigade performed a successful job as well,” he said.

Izmir Metro officials gave flowers to the firefighters after the drill held after midnight.

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