Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to Procure 25 Contracted Engineers

Environment and urban ministry
Environment and urban ministry

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization announced that it will recruit 25 Contracted Engineers. Candidates who want to apply will be able to send their preferences to ÖSYM via the internet between 21-26 October 2021.

Candidates who want to apply must have taken the 6-KPSS License exam held on September 2020, 2020 and have received the relevant KPSS score from this exam.

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Ministry of Environment and Urbanization Personnel Recruitment

5 of the candidates will be recruited to the provincial organizations of Istanbul, 5 people from Kocaeli, 3 from Tekirdağ, 3 from Yalova, 3 from Bursa, 3 from Balıkesir, and 3 from Çanakkale.

Required Qualifications for Application

  • To graduate from the Undergraduate Program in Aquatic Sciences and Engineering.

Special Conditions

  • Being Convenient for Traveling and Working in the Field.

Application conditions
General Terms and Conditions

Candidates who prefer contracted positions in the guide we have included below must meet the following general conditions.

  • Those who prefer to be placed in the announced positions can be found in paragraphs (B) of Article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 4 and in paragraphs 48 (*), 1 6, 4, 5 and 6 of paragraph (A) of Article 7 of the same Law and 6/ They must also meet the conditions in the ANNEX-6 article of the Principles on Employing Contracted Personnel, which was put into effect with the Council of Ministers Decision dated 1978/7 and numbered 15754/1.
  • Those who receive a pension from the Social Security Institution and those who have completed the age of 65 will not be employed.
  • Candidates who do not meet the general and special conditions of application and the qualifications of the position they are placed in, and who do not submit the required documents within the required time despite meeting the required qualifications and conditions, will not be appointed.

Special conditions

They must meet all the conditions sought in the application conditions section opposite to the position in the guide we have attached below.

Since the following conditions must be met in terms of titles together with these conditions, the section below regarding the position to be contracted should be examined very carefully. It is not possible for those who do not meet these conditions to be appointed.

  • To have the conditions to be appointed to engineer positions. Which department graduates will be accepted and which conditions they should meet are opposite the positions.
  • Not to be in a situation that prevents him from working as an engineer in terms of health.
  • To have entered KPSS and to have received a KPSSP2020 score according to the (3-KPSS License) results.

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