Minister Varank Opened the Facility Producing Parts and Molds for Global Brands

Minister Varank Opened the Facility Producing Parts and Molds for Global Brands
Minister Varank Opened the Facility Producing Parts and Molds for Global Brands

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said that MTN company, which produces molds and parts for global brands. Çerkezköy He opened his new investment in OSB.

Minister Varank, Çerkezköy In his speech at the opening ceremony of the new investment of MTN Plastic Factory in OSB, he said that the company has accomplished very important works both in mold making and value-added plastic parts. Pointing to the importance of the added value of the companies, Varank said, “We can measure the added value of this company as follows. Turkey's export value per kilogram is around 1 Euro, but the export value of our company in molds is 58 dollars per kilogram and 5,8 dollars in plastic parts. Therefore, we say that those who want to see how added value is created should visit this company, MTN company. Our company was established in 1997 but is now completing its new investment. You know, there is a discussion there too. There are those who claim that a company established in 1997 cannot make new investments. Those who want to see it, too, can see how new investments are made here.” he said.

Minister Varank said, “We are working hard to make our country a country that develops and grows by creating added value with value-added production and shares its prosperity with all its nation. Our biggest supporters here are our entrepreneurs and their devoted colleagues. I thank them. I wish this new investment to be beneficial for our city, country and economy.” used his statements.

When asked about the production of parts for world brands from Turkey, Varank said, “What does the opposition say, 'No factory has been opened in Turkey in 19 years.' We do not only open a factory, we also develop production technologies. MTN company is a company that can develop its own technology, which will set an example for the world in both mold making and plastic parts. It is one of the important brands of Turkey that grows by producing. This piece you see in my hand goes to TESLA. Why did we start the Turkey's Car Project? We want to capture the transformation in the automotive industry ourselves, create a brand whose intellectual property rights belong to us, so that the industry works for us and for our brand.” said.

Varank said, “While we are on the agenda with production in the world, we are also investing in areas where we will make our own brands and more value-added productions,” said Varank, “I wish we had 3-5 hours to listen to all the details of the company. I am really impressed with MTN company. New generation production and being able to mold different materials at the same time are areas where the industry will transform in the coming period. MTN has achieved this and has the capacity to spread this technology around the world. I thank them.” he said.

Minister Varank then visited the factory and received information about the works from the authorities.

Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Hasan Büyükdede, Tekirdağ Governor Aziz Yıldırım, KOSGEB President Hasan Basri Kurt, AK Party Tekirdağ deputies Mustafa Yel, Çiğdem Koncagül, AK Party Provincial President Mestan Özcan, Industrial Zones General Manager Fatih Turan, MTN Chairman of the Board Metin. Güler, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors Ali Güler, General Manager of MTN Plastik Ender Yalçın, General Manager of MTN Kalıp Şahan Eçin, Deputy General Manager of MTN Plastik Mücahit Kartal, Chairman of ÇOSB Board Eyüp Sözdinler and ÇOSB Manager Mehmet Özdoğan.

The company, which has repeatedly made the molds needed by the industry in many important projects in the fields of white goods, medical, packaging, defense and aviation, especially in the automotive, successfully realized the localization of many projects, especially imported from abroad.

The company made a positive contribution to the sector's preference in the world by exporting to many countries, especially European countries. The company also started to manufacture plastic injection parts by producing 2013K parts for the Audi A8 in 2. With the success of this production, new demands continued one after another and the injection capacity increased exponentially every year.

MTN Plastik group continued to grow as a separate company and next to its Istanbul factory. Çerkezköy created the factory. The company, which was established with 100 percent domestic capital, continues its activities with 240 employees.

As MTN Kalıp and MTN Plastik, it is among the companies known and preferred in the world in 2k and 3k technology with the aim of constantly innovating and doing what cannot be done.

The company provides direct and indirect services to OEMs (main industry) in the automotive sector and produces molds and parts for all automotive brands.

The company, which manufactures parts for Tesla, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Toyota, Porsche, Renault, Ford and Fiat brands in the automotive sector, produces molds and parts directly for all white goods manufacturers, especially B/S/H and Arçelik in white goods.

The company is involved in TSI aircraft seat plastic parts, CERN plastic parts, defense industry projects.

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