EGİAD Evaluation of Paris Agreement by President Yelkenbiçer

Evaluation of the Paris Agreement from President Sailbicer
Evaluation of the Paris Agreement from President Sailbicer

The law proposal regarding the approval of the Paris Agreement was accepted in the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. Calling the authorities to ratify the Paris Agreement, which includes targets to stop the climate crisis and limit the global temperature rise to 2021 degrees Celsius, by holding numerous events and press releases on the subject throughout 1,5. EGİADHis work has also yielded results.

Commenting on the subject EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of the Aegean Young Businessmen Association, pointed out that the Paris Agreement, which was accepted with the approval of 195 countries, is a historical turning point in the fight against climate change on a global scale, and said: It is also an important opportunity to leave a world with a healthier planet, fairer societies and more vibrant economies. This Agreement will guide the world in the transition to clean energy on a global scale. This transition necessitates changes in all relevant policy decisions, business and investment behaviour. The Paris Agreement is the first multinational agreement on climate change that covers almost all the world's emissions. The Paris Agreement is a success for the world. It confirms the EU's path to a low carbon economy. This important step, which only Turkey is missing from the G-2030 countries, has finally been completed. Turkey has taken a very big and important step. "The ratification of the Paris Agreement is a very important step, but our real work begins now," he said.

EGİAD He had been a close follower of the issue in the recent "Climate Crisis and EU Green Consensus" meeting organized with the cooperation of WWF-Turkey (World Wildlife Fund), and in the "EU Green Agreement" meetings organized with the cooperation of NGOs and in numerous press releases. In the meetings held in Yelkenbiçer; It came to the fore with the rhetoric “We must ratify the Paris Agreement”. EGİAD Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the European Union Green Deal offers a roadmap with broad and effective regulations, which envisages new commitments to tackle climate and environmental challenges, and to reduce carbon emissions by 2030 percent by 50 and then by 2050. He reminded that in the EU Green Agreement, which aims to reduce it to zero, practices such as sector-specific criteria, new taxes and business models will be introduced gradually in order to reach these targets; In order to reduce carbon leakage within the framework of the Green Deal, work continues on the development of a system that will apply the additional obligations planned to be imposed for some goods coming from non-EU countries that have not implemented regulations in line with the climate change policies implemented in the EU with the carbon regulation mechanism at the border. According to the Green Deal, the EU now requires candidate countries to “ratify and effectively implement” the Paris Agreement for trade agreements with other countries. It is necessary to approach the EU Green Deal with the perspective that every threat contains an opportunity. It can also enable Turkey to support low-carbon production and thus increase its market share in exports to EU countries by gaining an advantageous position compared to high-carbon countries.”

Günceleme: 07/10/2021 11:30

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