Disposable Cardboard Box Causes Waste in Automotive Industry

Disposable Cardboard Box Causes Waste in Automotive Industry
Disposable Cardboard Box Causes Waste in Automotive Industry

Due to the chip crisis in the automotive industry market, production in the factories is gradually decreasing. Meanwhile, manufacturers and suppliers are looking for more efficient solutions in parts transportation in the automotive supply chain. With its plastic crates and containers based on sharing and reuse, CHEP offers smart and efficient solutions to manufacturers and suppliers in international supply chain processes.

Operating in 60 countries by offering smart and efficient solutions for the supply chain with technology and innovation, CHEP supports manufacturers and suppliers with its strong infrastructure in international supply chain processes.

Cardboard boxes increase shipping cost

In the article published in Packaging Digest, the prominent internet portal in the field of packaging in North America; The perishable materials used in the packaging of unit loads arriving at a distribution center can be damaged by up to 11 percent, even just because of the temperature and humidity imbalance. With the effect of heat and humidity, the structure of cardboard boxes deteriorates by 30 percent in the first 40 days of storage. Higher humidity levels affect the structure of cardboard boxes to a greater extent. It is seen that corrugated cardboard type cardboard boxes are 95 percent weaker at 50 percent humidity than 71 percent humidity. Due to their unstable structure, cardboard boxes that cannot be stacked to fill the trucks at full capacity cause the trucks to travel a long distance.

Explaining that they save manufacturers and suppliers from waste with their business model based on sharing and reuse, CHEP Automotive European Region Key Customers Leader Engin Gökgöz said, “Thanks to our global network, we continue to offer special solutions for the automotive industry supply chain. We free our customers from spending time and resources to source, store and recycle cardboard boxes. The plastic crates and containers that we maintain and repair before use are designed to be much more robust than cardboard boxes and suitable for use in automatic production. In addition, we always guarantee the packaging supply that our customers need, regardless of demand fluctuations. This model eliminates wasted warehouse costs and the problem of customers not being able to find suitable packaging for the product. So being part of the CHEP network means less waste for everyone at the same time. Our internet-based user portal, my CHEP, which eliminates the risk and inefficiency in the transportation of high-cost and critically important parts, can be tracked online, and we support both the manufacturer and the importer to maintain their business processes correctly.”

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