Breast Loss in Breast Cancer Becomes History!

Breast loss in breast cancer becomes history
Breast loss in breast cancer becomes history

General Surgery and Surgical Oncology Specialist Prof. Dr. Sıtkı Gürkan Yetkin gave important information about the subject. One of the cancers that responds best to treatment is breast cancer. There are various treatment methods according to the stage of cancer. When breast cancer was detected before, mastectomy (removal of the breast) was performed immediately. But medical advances have now greatly reduced mastectomy rates in breast cancer. Breast loss in breast cancer is a thing of the past.

In the early stages, breast-conserving surgery, that is, only the removal of cancerous tissue, is sufficient. Secondly, the tumor/breast ratio should be appropriate. If the tumor is large or the breast is small, the aesthetic appearance to be obtained after breast-conserving surgery may not be satisfactory. In such a case, it is important to use oncoplastic surgery methods. Oncoplastic surgery is the simultaneous application of oncological principles and aesthetic surgery techniques during breast cancer surgery. Every woman with breast cancer who wishes to preserve the breast is a candidate for oncoplastic surgery.

In cases where we cannot perform breast-conserving surgery, that is, in cases where the tumor/breast ratio is not suitable, the tumor is large and the breast is small, or in cases where the tumor is located in more than one focus (multicentric tumor), the breast tissue is evacuated by protecting the breast skin and nipple, and a silicone implant is placed in the breast. Breast cancer is treated and an acceptable aesthetic appearance can be achieved. In more advanced stages, surgery can be possible by protecting the nipple and breast skin and applying an implant (silicone).

prof. Dr. Finally, Yetkin said; “As you can see, most of the patients with breast cancer do not lose their breasts after mastectomy. In patients who have undergone mastectomy, breast appearance can be re-appeared one year after the operation with the late reconstruction method.

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