83% of Mercedes-Benz Buses Produced in Turkey Exported

83% of Mercedes-Benz Buses Produced in Turkey Exported
83% of Mercedes-Benz Buses Produced in Turkey Exported

Mercedes-Benz Türk, which started its activities in Turkey in 1967, has sold a total of 2021 buses, 165 intercity buses and 24 city buses, to the Turkish domestic market in the period of January – September 189. Mercedes-Benz Türk produced 1.499 buses at the Hoşdere Bus Factory in the same period. 1.228 of the buses produced were intercity buses and 271 of them were city buses. 2021 percent of the buses produced in the January – September 83 period were exported, and bus exports reached 9 in the first 1.250 months.

Europe's largest export market

The buses produced at Mercedes-Benz Türk's Hoşdere Bus Factory are mainly exported to European countries, including France, Portugal, Italy and Denmark. The buses produced in Turkey are also exported to North African and Middle Eastern countries. Between January and September 2021, France was the country with the highest number of exports with 438 units, Portugal ranked second with 148 units, Italy third with 124 units, Denmark fourth with 74 units and Morocco fifth with 70 units.

Bülent Acicbe: “We produce 4 out of every 3 buses exported from Turkey”

Bülent Acicbe, Member of the Executive Board responsible for Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus Production; “We maintain our strong position in the Turkish intercity bus market, also in bus exports. By exporting 2021 percent of the buses we produced during the first 9 months of 83, we contributed approximately 165 million Euros to our country's economy. While 2021 of the 1.499 buses we produced in 1.248 were exported, 189 were sold in the Turkish domestic market. In the light of feedback from passengers, hosts/hostesses, drivers, businesses and customers, our bus models, which we offer 2021 different innovations for 41, continue to receive positive feedback from our industry.” said.

2021 buses were exported in September 205 alone

The export of buses produced at Mercedes-Benz Türk Hoşdere Bus Factory continued uninterruptedly in September 2021 as well. While exporting 2021 buses in September 205 alone, France became the country to which the most buses were exported, with 55 units on a monthly basis. Italy followed France with 30 buses, 23 to Denmark, 22 to Portugal, 17 to Norway and 15 to Greece. Realizing its first bus export in 1970, Mercedes-Benz Türk's bus exports for 51 years reached a total of 61.961 units.

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