8th Konya Science Festival Has Started

Konya Science Festival has started
Konya Science Festival has started

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank said, “We strive to make Turkey a country that not only uses technology, but also develops, produces and exports its own technology.” said.

Minister Varank, in his speech at the 8th Konya Science Festival held at Konya Science Center, said that the event showed that the city is also the city of technology and science. Emphasizing that the science centers built all over Turkey are the driving forces of the National Technology Move, Varank said that the science centers established with the support of TUBITAK in Konya as well as Kayseri, Kocaeli, Elazig and Bursa perform important tasks in increasing the interest of young people in science. .

Pointing out that science, technology and the young population are the main building blocks of a country, Varank said, “Now, the way of total development passes through value-added production, science, technology and the correct operation of the innovation ecosystem. That's why we put forward the vision of the National Technology Move under the leadership of our President. We strive to make Turkey a country that not only uses technology, but also develops, produces and exports its own technology.” said.

Pointing out that the Konya Science Festival is an important event that plays a role in the socialization of the National Technology Movement, Varank said, “Hundreds of events, workshops and exhibitions will take place within the scope of the festival. This year, ASELSAN, HAVELSAN, ROKETSAN, TUSAŞ, TÜMOSAN, BAYKAR and TÜBİTAK are also participating in the festival. We are also exhibiting our domestic and national technologies, ATAK, GÖKBEY, BAYRAKTAR TB2, PUSAT, CEZERİ and BOR MOBİL, in the festival area.” he said.

Underlining that competitions, stage and entertaining science shows and various games are prepared at the festival, Varank said, “At this festival, our children and of course their families will be able to learn by trying them, not by watching them behind the showcases, but by touching them. The experiences they have here will have a powerful and unforgettable impact on the lives of our young people. The conferences and interviews that our experts will give will leave a mark on their minds. I believe that the young people who breathe this atmosphere and this festive atmosphere will be the locomotive of a great and powerful Turkey.” he said.

Emphasizing that Turkey has an influential heritage in the field of science and technology with its ancient past and civilizational accumulation, Varank said, “The world science history has been shaped by the scholars living in these lands in the past. Our young people will carry this accumulation to the future with the bridges they have built from the past to the present. By following the path of their ancestors, they will bring our country to the point it deserves. Under the leadership of science and technology, they will raise Turkey above the level of contemporary civilizations.” he said.

Varank said, “The whole world knows now that there is a technology race in the world where there is a technology race, and the Turkish youth are in that race,” said Varank. They exist by saying 'we do the best', regardless of someone's 'we can't do it, we can't' laziness. We will see our young people from Konya as the winners of these races in the near future.” used the phrases.

Varank invited the citizens of the surrounding provinces with their children to the festival in Konya.

After the speeches, Minister Varank and his entourage visited the stands in the festival area and received information from the authorities about the exhibits.

On the other hand, Turkish Stars, the aerobatic team of the Turkish Air Force, performed at the festival area.

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