51 New Bus On The Capital Roads

new bus on the capital roads
new bus on the capital roads

📩 15/10/2021 11:19

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to add 355 buses and 22 BELKA electric buses to its fleet in order to provide more comfortable transportation to the citizens of the Capital and meet the needs. In this context, EGO General Directorate added 8.3 Karsan brand 51-meter diesel buses to its vehicle fleet to be used on narrow roads and some metro ring lines where the number of passengers is low. In November, 33 vehicles will be included in the fleet, including 21 Mercedes articulated and 28 solo gas powered vehicles and 82 Otokar articulated diesel vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which started the purchase of new buses to provide a more convenient and comfortable transportation to the capital, is expanding its vehicle fleet for the first time after 2013.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to add 355 new buses and 22 BELKA electric buses to its fleet due to the increasing population and the buses that have completed their economic life in Ankara, took delivery of 51 8.3 meters and 58 passenger capacity diesel buses.


Explaining that 2021 model buses will serve in areas with metro ring lines and narrow streets and avenues, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş made the following statements at the delivery ceremony of the buses:

“These buses are feature buses. In the past, some roads in the city were difficult to serve with big buses. Now, with these buses, it will be easier to work both while making the ring trip and while transporting passengers. In addition, having a low floor and a disabled ramp is also a comfort for Ankara residents. We took delivery of 51 buses today. The least polluting buses in terms of air pollution. After that, we will see electric buses in Ankara. I would like to thank everyone who contributed."


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş said, “As the existing buses in our fleet are 12 and 18 meters, they do not have maneuverability. We will use these new buses for use in narrow streets and avenues and when there is no congestion in metro ring services. We preferred these 8,3-meter buses in order to reduce the operating cost. Good luck to our Ankara," he said.

Stating that they are proud to serve Ankara, Karsan Deputy General Manager of Commercial Affairs Muzaffer Arpacıoğlu said, “It is a very important project for Karsan for us. We would also like to thank Mr. Mansur Yavaş for choosing us. We will try to serve Ankara properly. We would like to serve with our 10, 12 and 18 meters electric 100 percent domestic products in the future.”


Within the scope of the new bus procurement process of the EGO General Directorate, the natural gas articulated/solo buses and diesel articulated buses, whose tender and contract phases have been completed, will start to take delivery as of November.

In November, 33 vehicles will be included in the fleet, 21 of which are Mercedes articulated and 28 solo gas powered and 82 Otokar articulated diesel vehicles.

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