10 out of 3 people have hypertension

u person has hypertension
u person has hypertension

Cardiology Specialist Dr. Murat Şener gave information about the subject. Half of the patients with hypertension in our country do not know that they are sick. We answered the questions about hypertension. What is hypertension, or high blood pressure? Is hypertension a common disease? Can hypertension be treated?

High blood pressure, a global public health problem seen in approximately 18 million people in our country; It is associated with many conditions such as heart and kidney diseases, stroke (stroke), and early loss of life. While it is known that 10 out of every 3 people in the world have high blood pressure, it is noted that more than half of the patients are not aware of their disease.

What is hypertension, or high blood pressure?

Blood pressure, or blood pressure, is the pressure that the heart creates on the vessel wall as it pumps blood, expressed in mm of mercury (Hg). If this pressure is above the desired values, it is defined as hypertension. Blood pressure consists of two different values: systolic (high blood pressure among the people), that is the pressure created by the heart when pumping blood, and diastolic (low blood pressure among the people) or the pressure during the period when the heart stops pumping blood. Normal blood pressure values ​​should be maximum 120 mmHg for systolic (systolic blood pressure) and 80 mmHg for diastolic (diastolic blood pressure), respectively. These values ​​are normal blood pressure values.

Is hypertension a common disease?

Yes, 28% of adult men over the age of 49 and 56% of adult women in our country have high blood pressure. In other words, it can be said that approximately 18 million people in our country have hypertension. For this reason, individuals from all age groups in the society should have their blood pressure checked at least once a year.

Can hypertension be treated?

Yes it can. But the treatment of hypertension is lifelong. With the drugs used in the treatment, the blood pressure drops to the normal limits, but if the treatment is stopped, the blood pressure will return to its previous values. For this reason, treatment should not be interrupted and a doctor should be checked at least once a year. In some special cases, hypertension may be due to a kidney disease or hormone increase. In these cases, blood pressure can be regulated with the treatment of kidney disease or hormonal disorder, or it becomes more easily controlled with fewer drugs.

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