What is Facial Architecture? What are Facial Architecture Procedures?

what is face architecture
what is face architecture

The aim of the aesthetic procedures applied to the face is to achieve the ideal ratio and symmetry on the face. Closely interested in medical aesthetics and healthy life management, Dr. Sevgi Ekiyor gave information about facial architecture.

Due to reasons such as anti-aging, asymmetric disorders, some problems after weight gain and loss, patients visit us about the areas they want to change on their faces. We determine the problem of your face and put forward a solution.

When we look at your face, we can even tell which side you are leaning towards, as if we were actually looking at a fortune. While your cheek you lie on is flatter and lower; We encounter problems such as pronounced collapses in the areas we call Marionette or sagging in the upper eyelid.

The way our face ages is the same for women and men. After dividing our face into two regions from top to bottom, we begin to examine the area we have separated in 3 different ways. In general, the region where we have problems is the 2nd region. In this region, problems such as collapse of the under-eye and cheekbones, folding and prominence of the nasolabials, emptying of the Marionette area or sagging of the jowl are observed. Since the interventions we will make in these regions require a completely specific algorithm and calculation, we use the term 'facial architecture'.

The most common process we do in face architecture is to raise the midface. Because asymmetries or collapses caused by aging or environmental factors can cause big differences on the face of the person. The most common method we prefer to overcome such problems is bone fillings. We want that; With the fillers we injected into the middle face, our face should rise slightly, stretch slightly to the side and up, so that our face can both look slimmer and tense and have a younger appearance. We can achieve these results with a single session filling process.

However, in some cases, filling procedures may not be sufficient. At this point, we support the process with different treatment methods. French hangers and youth vaccinations support us in making our faces look more beautiful.

While touching the horizontal parts of the face, we also need to adjust the length so that a proportional image appears in the middle. While we are dealing with the length of the face to address the beauty of the face from every angle, we also need to adjust the side angles. Since this region shows distinct differences between men and women, a wrong intervention can add a feminine or masculine tone to the person.

The protrusion and height of the cheekbones ensure that our nose is proportional to our face. For this reason, every region in our face is in a whole with each other. To some of my patients who came to me saying they wanted lip fillers, I say "No I can't". Because if the face proportions of the patient do not allow lip filling, the filling to be applied to the lip will stand in front and negatively affect the patient's appearance. At this point, the problem of disproportion should be eliminated and then the person should act according to his wishes.

So let's think of our face like a house. We have bones in our face that serve as some colon, we have walls that cover our face, we have skin. All these factors should be taken into consideration in every process performed on the face and a result close to the golden ratio should be targeted. Such results add a natural beauty to your face and make you look more dynamic and unique to yourself.

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