Meaningful Support from YEO Teknoloji to the Olive Project of Young Inventors

Significant support from yeo technology to the olive project of young inventors
Significant support from yeo technology to the olive project of young inventors

“Teknofest 21, which took place between 26-2021 October 2021, continues without slowing down. YEO Teknoloji contributed to the realization of the project called Zeytin by supporting young minds at this important aviation and technology event.”

Teknofest, one of Turkey's most important aviation and technology events, will take place at Istanbul Atatürk Airport between September 21-26 this year. Within the scope of TEKNOFEST, which aims to raise awareness of technology and science in the whole society and to increase Turkey's human resources trained in the fields of science and engineering, in order to support young people to work on the technologies of the future, in 35 different categories from Rocket to Autonomous Systems, Artificial Intelligence to Underwater Systems There are big award-winning Technology Competitions.

As part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, YEO Teknoloji made a significant contribution to the realization of the pedal-assisted shared electric vehicle called “Olive” at Teknofest. The two-seater vehicle is supported by two hub motors with pedals. The advanced electric vehicle has a range of 150 km and its speed can reach 35-40 km per hour. The works of Zeytin, which was produced completely according to the electric bicycle regulation, were completed in two years.

YEO Teknoloji Chairman of the Board Tolunay YILDIZ; “As YEO Teknoloji, we are happy to contribute to science and technology and to support young minds. For a more sustainable and green Earth, the vehicles of the future should be electrically based, and these technologies are undoubtedly very important for the future of our Earth. As you know; electric vehicles are very advantageous in terms of fuel economy and today, due to fossil fuel-powered cars; Our world's natural resources are running out. Electricity is a lower cost and optimal energy source compared to gasoline and diesel, and it is green friendly. We will need electric vehicles more in the future to reduce our carbon footprint. I heartily congratulate our young people for these initiatives and wish them continued success.” made a statement.

It is aimed to use the pedal-assisted electric vehicle called Zeytin in two ways. Firstly, it was tested on university campuses, in places such as islands; It will then be available for use in urban units. OLIVE; by providing an economical, comfortable, easily accessible and environmentally friendly car sharing service; aims to bring a new breath to daily transportation needs.

Ferhat Çiçek, one of the inventors of the project and the manager of the Olive Project; “We would like to thank YEO Teknoloji and Tolunay Yıldız for their support of our project. Thanks to them, we were able to realize this high-cost project. We are proud to exhibit our project at Teknofest today. The implementation of the Olive Project was thanks to YEO Teknoloji, we would like to express our endless thanks.” said.

The event, which will continue until September 26, awaits aviation and technology enthusiasts. Those who are curious about the project in detail can go to the stand and see the electric vehicle Zeytin closely.

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