What is Gum Bleeding? Why do gums bleed? Is There a Treatment?

what is gingival bleeding? is there any treatment for bleeding gums?
what is gingival bleeding? is there any treatment for bleeding gums?

Aesthetic Dentist Dr. Efe Kaya gave information about the subject. Bleeding while brushing teeth should be considered and precautions should be taken as soon as possible. Bleeding gums can be a sign of many mouth problems and can cause tooth loss.

Gum disease varies in degree. The simplest is bleeding gums. This is up to you because you need to do your oral care correctly and consistently. Otherwise, plaques accumulating at the bottom of the teeth cause gingival bleeding and bleeding occurs every time you brush. Now you need to go to the dentist and get a dental cleaning.

Another of the gum diseases is chronic ongoing problems. It is a gum disease that starts with bleeding gums and is caused by bacteria that settle in the roots of the teeth. For this, it is necessary to apply to the doctor and have the curettage procedure called tooth root cleaning. The more advanced stage is now the type of disease that is acute and generalized gum disease and not just you.

How is bleeding gums treated?

Gum bleeding can be caused by a number of inflammations. Therefore, it is necessary to remove this inflammation from the body. It is necessary to brush more carefully with a lighter brush to remove plaque on the gums.

If the person is using blood thinners, this may be the reason for bleeding gums. In addition, inadequate oral care causes the proliferation of bacteria in the teeth and gums. Since this causes inflammation, it increases the bleeding of the gums. Therefore, oral care is done regularly.

Vitamin deficiencies may be heralded by bleeding gums. The most important vitamins are vitamins C and K. Lack of vitamin C and K in the body causes bleeding gums. Regular intake of these vitamins can reduce bleeding. In addition to regular nutrition and these vitamins, sports are also very important. Regular exercise and a balanced diet maintain the body balance. This ensures that the bleeding in the gums decreases and then disappears.

There are also alternative solutions to the question of what is good for bleeding gums. A mixture of mustard oil, honey, salt water and ginger can be used for this. This mixture should be used in contact with the gums.

The reason for this is a problem that causes damage to teeth, gums, period bones and soft tissues of bacteria living in the mouth. For this, you need to go to the dentist without delay. An antibiotic is given first and all gums and tissues are cleaned in the next session.

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