International Adana Flavor Festival Will Sign Turkey's First Waste Free Festival

international adana flavor festival will hold the first waste-free festival in turkey
international adana flavor festival will hold the first waste-free festival in turkey

The 8th International Adana Flavor Festival, which will take place on October 10-5, will mark Turkey's first Waste Free Festival. Waste generated during the festival will be sent for recycling.

With the festival to be held this year, not only gastronomy but also transformation for a sustainable future will be discussed in Adana. With the theme of healing, the waste that will emerge at the festival will both improve nature and turn into goodness.

The 5th International Adana Flavor Festival is preparing to host its visitors on October 8-10 with the theme of “Geography is Taste” this year. In addition to the promotion of Adana cuisine, the festival, which aims to convey the culinary culture and taste to future generations, will also break new ground in Turkey. With the recycling of waste generated during the festival, Adana Taste Festival will hold Turkey's first waste-free festival this year. The waste management of the festival, organized by the Adana Governorate, will be organized with the support of all district municipalities, especially Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

“Food waste will improve the soil”

Expressing that every waste generated during the festival will be evaluated in a different area, Adana Taste Festival Gastronomy Content Officer Ebru Köktürk Koralı made a statement on the subject and said, “Adana Taste Festival will also host different topics this year. One of them will be the “We Are Healing Life” project run by Chef and Social Entrepreneur Ebru Baybara Demir, who is among the top 10 chefs in the world in the field of social gastronomy. With the inspiration we got from the project, raw vegetable and fruit wastes will be collected at the festival and turned into compost. The compost obtained will be used to improve agricultural lands, to be given to farmers free of charge.”

“Plastic caps will be collected for spinal cord paralysis”

Cooked foods will be sent to shelters and shared with our animal friends. Packaging and vegetable oils will also be collected for recycling. At the festival, we will also support the Cover Up for Life campaign together with the Spinal Cord Paralysis Association of Turkey (TOFD) to raise awareness about life without disabilities. At the festival, we will ask our visitors to throw all their plastic caps into waste bins for TOFD. The caps collected at the end of the festival will be donated for the wheelchair and medical supplies needs of disabled individuals.” He spoke as

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