Ulus Modern Culture and Art Center National Architectural Project Competition Concluded

nation modern culture and art center national architectural project competition concluded
nation modern culture and art center national architectural project competition concluded

“Ulus Modern Culture and Art Center National Architectural Project Competition”, organized by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality to highlight the history of Ulus and turn it into a center for artistic and cultural activities, has been concluded. Stating that they have adopted the participatory management approach in the capital, Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who gave their awards to the winners of the competition, said, “We entrusted the competition to those who know this job best and we started the competition period.”

“Ulus Modern Culture and Art Center National Architectural Project Competition” organized by the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage for Ulus, the historical center of the Capital, has been concluded.

While Ankara Metropolitan Municipality aims to focus on scientific studies based on merit by implementing the competition model in the Capital, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş, who visited the colloquium and exhibition in Atatürk Sports and Exhibition Center, where the works participating in the competition, presented their awards to the winners of the competition.


In his speech at the award ceremony, Yavaş expressed his happiness for bringing the Modern Bazaar back to Ankara with the project competition, and drew attention to the point that art has reached in the city with the closure of cinemas and theaters:

“While considering bringing the Modern Bazaar back to Ankara, we acted by seeing the deficiencies in Ankara. There was a certain administration with a certain view of art, this is a fact beyond criticism. Without art, there is no aesthetic. We will decide together what should be painted on the concrete under the bridges. I've also seen people who are offended by it. The first to be done were the doctors who found the vaccine. We have raised people who are offended by beautiful things. We have raised people who are far from art and are uncomfortable with aesthetics. From our urbanization to architecture, hastily erecting concrete was presented to people as a civilization.”

Underlining that they attach importance to 'participation' in every work and project implemented, Yavaş said:

“We entrusted the competition to those who know this business best and started the competition period. The decision will be made by deliberating with a democratic, common mind and idea. We think that we can evaluate the projects that did not come first in other areas. I would like to thank everyone who contributed, our friends who worked hard and presented, and the members of the jury who examined them one by one. I say that entrusting the work to the consciousness of other municipalities with a common mind with this view would be the way to do it that way.”


In his speech at the ceremony, Head of the Department of Cultural and Natural Heritage Bekir Ödemiş emphasized that their goal is to produce original and quality projects and works worthy of the Capital:

“As you know, we started the 'Competition in Ankara' process together and our 3rd competition was concluded in this context. The fourth will be the 100th Anniversary Memorial competition. It not only creates inclusive, participatory, original and qualified projects, but also brings the democratic process with it. We did not interfere with anything, our duty as the administration was to take a facilitating role in the works. In our Academic Board, a jury was formed according to the subject of the competition. Considering the last 25 years for Ankara, I consider it an important process. An ancient city that has hosted many civilizations in Anatolia, Ankara has 5 values ​​on UNESCO's tentative list. Two of them are within the texture of Ulus historical city center. I believe that there is a project that will fill an important deficiency not only in Ulus but also in Ankara. The project concluded by our jury to make the values ​​of Ulus the center of culture, history and tourism is an important culture and art project. Ankara City Council has undertaken an important task.”

Jury Member Architect Aydan Balamir, on the other hand, stated that the people of the profession developed with the competitions organized by the public, and made the following evaluations:

“We are 9 friends on the Academic Advisory Board. We carry out a meticulous work of merit. It is regrettable that the last competition was in 2003. This discussion environment paves the way for artists and architects. With the new administration, the Metropolitan Municipality started to open tenders. Project competitions are also the fairest and safest way. It is necessary to compete in a gentlemanly manner, except for the one whose technique is standard. The solution is not one, the more different participation is provided, the more different opinions will be. 3 competitions were concluded within a year, and the fourth one is on the way. We owe thanks and gratitude to everyone who contributed to the bright future of Ulus, the heart of Ankara.”

Architects Sıddık Güvendi and Cihan Sevindik won the competition; 120 thousand TL for the first place, 100 thousand TL for the second place, 80 TL for the third place, and 50 thousand TL for the honorable mention. The area currently serving as a parking lot in Ulus will be transformed into a modern art and culture center that will be left to future generations.

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