TUSAS Provides Production and Design Training to 5 Thousand Technicians with Virtual Reality

Tusas provides production and design training to a thousand technicians with virtual reality
Tusas provides production and design training to a thousand technicians with virtual reality

Turkish Aerospace Industries (TUSAŞ), the leading institution of our country in aviation and defense technologies, is implementing another new project in the field of education. TAI will benefit from Virtual Reality (VR) technology in occupational health and safety training for technician employees. In this context, the first phase of training has started at TAI, which will provide VR-based training to a total of 5 thousand technicians.

TAI has undertaken an important project with the goal of creating an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based training catalogue. The first phase of training has started in the project, which was developed with Virtual Reality (VR) Based Contents on Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) issues, which are of high importance in industrial production areas. In addition to OHS trainings, TAI is preparing to conduct trainings on production and design operations with VR and AR support. On the other hand, critical skills in aerospace technologies kazanThe development process of the trainings, which offer a realistic virtual reality experience in four different operations, which are determined as priority for the training, is about to be completed. The educational technologies studio, which is planned to be operational during the year, will be the new virtual skills training center of TUSAŞ.

In this context, employees will learn four different technical operations, including aircraft rivet operations, manual paint operations, electrical bonding and inspection of eddy current operations, with VR-based training content. Aiming to present a VR-based training catalog that will eventually consist of 20 lessons to its employees in different campuses via a mobile kit, TUSA,Ş also aims to break new ground in this field. It is envisaged that the VR-based trainings, which will be offered to 5 thousand technicians at the beginning, will be integrated into the training processes of the engineers in the second phase.

With the digital training project, it is aimed to increase the on-the-job training and adaptation performance of TAI employees, who have the opportunity to get to know and experience the operations in original projects.

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil: “We continue to adapt the latest technologies to our company, which develops the aircraft of the future. Accelerating our digital transformation efforts in aircraft production processes kazanwe nagged. In this context, we will provide safe and high quality training to our colleagues in the system created with virtual reality applications that we will put into service. We will continue to strengthen the future of the aviation ecosystem.”

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