Turkey's First Domestic Mine Hunting Sonar Armelsan NUSRAT-1915

Turkey's first indigenous mine hunting sonar armelsan nusrat
Turkey's first indigenous mine hunting sonar armelsan nusrat

Turkey's first local mine hunting sonar NUSRAT-1915 was showcased at IDEF'21. NUSRAT-1915, the first mine hunting sonar developed locally and nationally; It stands out as an active sonar capable of detecting and classifying moored and bottom mines. Can Emre Maintenance, General Manager of Armelsan, explained the developments about sonar to Defense Turk at IDEF 2021 fair.

The system that can broadcast in dual frequency bands; After detecting mines and/or mine-like objects from long distances at the detection frequency, it can provide the necessary support for the operator to classify the relevant objects in the higher frequency classification mode. It is foreseen that NUSRAT-1915 will take part in half-life modernization projects in the near future.

Features of NUSRAT-1915

  • Detection and classification of bottom mines and moored mines
  • Operational up to 8 knots
  • Sonar performance prediction module
  • computer aided classification
  • Adjustable source level
  • Operational up to sea state 5
  • Combat Management System (SYS) integration
  • Ship Data Distribution System (GVDS) integration
  • Raw data recording and recorded data playback capability
  • Modular and flexible architecture
  • Integrated simulation capability
  • User-friendly interfaces
  • low maintenance mode

Armelsan NUSRAT

Source: defenceturk

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