Turkey's Exports Rising on the Wings of Turkish Cargo!

turkey's exports are rising on the wings of turkish cargo
turkey's exports are rising on the wings of turkish cargo

Turkish Cargo renewed the cooperation agreement it signed with TİM, which will reduce the transportation costs of the exporters. Having the strongest international cargo flight network in the world and establishing trade bridges between continents, Turkish Cargo continues to contribute greatly to Turkey's exports with this strength. The flag carrier air cargo company renewed its cooperation agreement with TIM (Turkish Exporters Assembly) for discounted cargo transportation by expanding its scope. Within the scope of the new agreement, the national brand will deliver its products produced with great effort all over Anatolia to 46 destinations with discount rates ranging from 10% to 35%. M. Ilker Ayci; “Export bridges have been established all over the world.”

Stating that Turkish Cargo continued to grow while the air cargo sector contracted during the pandemic period, Turkish Airlines Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee M. İlker Aycı; “With its wide service network, our flag carrier cargo brand continues to be the lifeline for our exporters to reach strategically important markets. It is a source of pride for the Turkish Airlines family to consolidate our contribution to our exports, the locomotive of our economy, which has one of the highest growth rates in the world, here today. While the worldwide cargo sector contracted during the pandemic period, Turkish Cargo continued to grow and proved its success in difficult times. In this difficult period, he established export bridges for our exporters all over the world. With our SmartIst cargo facility to be opened soon, this growth momentum will accelerate and a new era will begin in air cargo transportation. We believe that the cooperation between Turkish Cargo and TIM will continue to be a driving force for both our country and our companies.” said

We are the biggest supporter of our country's exporter

M. İlker Aycı stated that air cargo transportation is an opportunity for Turkey's exports; “As Turkish Cargo, we continue to be the biggest supporter and facilitator of our country's exporters, in addition to realizing a very important part of Turkey's service exports with both passenger and cargo transportation. With the campaign we signed with TİM between December 2020 and March 2021, we ensured the export of high value-added products close to 4 billion dollars in total to 28 destinations determined in the said 1.2-month period.

We are determined to increase the export volume by 5 times.

Noting that Turkish Cargo will continue to increase the possibilities and capabilities of our exporters, to be a reliable logistics partner and to play a facilitating role in global commercial activities, İlker Aycı said; “With our renewed cooperation agreement, we have increased both the capacity we offer to our exporters and the number of our destinations significantly, and as the National Flag Carrier, we continue to decisively support our exports and exporters.

In this context, we will carry the products of our exporters to 46 strategic destinations, from Houston, the USA to Seoul, Korea, and from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to Amman, Jordan, with discount rates of 10% to 35%, with the new campaign that will be implemented as of September and will continue until the end of the year. . Moreover, we have increased the offered capacity, which we determined as 15 thousand tons in our previous agreement, to 24 thousand tons with our deepening cooperation. As a result of this campaign, which we set out with the awareness of transporting Turkey's products to the world, using the efforts of Turkish manufacturers and the great advantage of Turkish Airlines' unique passenger and cargo network, our target this year is to realize exports of 6 billion dollars. We and our exporters are determined and determined to reach 1.2 times the 5 billion dollars export figure achieved with this cooperation last year.

As Turkish Cargo, we will continue to increase the possibilities and capabilities of our exporters, to be a reliable logistics partner, and to play a facilitating role in their global commercial activities, as we do today.”

İsmail Gülle; export teamwork

Expressing that Turkish Airlines is the most flying network carrier in Europe with 16 daily flights between 22-1333 August, Turkish Exporters Assembly President İsmail Gülle said; “While the collapse of the global giants of the sector was discussed during the pandemic period, Turkish Airlines continued on its way by opening new flights despite all the negative situations. In moments when borders were closed and transportation by highways became almost impossible, Turkish Cargo stood by its export family by delivering Turkish products to countless destinations safely and quickly, with its solid infrastructure in air logistics. So much so that in May 2020, when the impact of the pandemic was felt most intensely, the share of exports by air exceeded 10 percent. Exporting is a team job. Every order received by the exporter is a serious process that requires organization with its financing, production, marketing and logistics. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our flag carrier airline brand in the presence of Mr. İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board of Directors, for its contribution to exports. Hopefully, with this new protocol, we will increase the share of exports by air much higher.”

Export of high value-added products close to 4 billion dollars in 1.2 months

Turkish Airlines and TIM signed a cooperation last year that provided a great advantage to Turkish exporters in global trade. Turkish Cargo was offering additional capacity and discounts between 28% and 10% for 30 destinations heavily used by exporters.

Thanks to the cooperation, which greatly contributed to Turkey's export mobilization, a total of 4 billion dollars of high value-added products were exported in 1.2 months, while the scope of the agreement was expanded.

35 destinations in 46 countries

With the new protocol signed between Turkish Airlines and TIM; A 35% to 46% discount will be applied for the transportation of Turkish export products within the scope of general cargo, eggs, fresh fruit and vegetables and fish by air cargo to 10 destinations in 35 countries abroad. With the campaign, an additional capacity of 6.050 tons was allocated and product ranges were expanded. The campaign, where product ranges are provided not only in tons but also under tons, will continue until December 31, 2021. “Air Cargo Cooperation Signing Ceremony” held in Ankara Ministry of Commerce regarding the new protocol; The meeting was held with the participation of Mehmet Muş, Minister of Commerce, Adil Karaismailoğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, İlker Aycı, Chairman of the Board and Executive Committee of Turkish Airlines, and İsmail Gülle, Chairman of TİM.

46 destinations to be transported with discount

Turkish Cargo in cooperation with THY-TIM; Algiers, Amman, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Bahrain, Belgrade, Berlin, Beirut, Baghdad, Bangkok, Bangalore, Mumbai, Brussels, Basel, Cairo, Guangzhou, Paris, Dhaka, Delhi, Dusseldorf, Dubai, Hamburg, Hanoi, Hong Kong, Houston , Seoul, Islamabad, Kabul, Kiev, Karachi, Kuala Lumpur

It will offer discounts for air cargo transportation of Turkish export products to Kuwait, Lahore, London, Linz, Chennai, Miami, Munich, Milan, Oslo, Ho Chi Minh City, Tel Aviv, Tunis, Vilnius, Warsaw and Zurich routes.

Products Transported by Air Cargo Gain More Value

Within the scope of product transportation and transportation services, the elements that make air cargo transportation different and valuable compared to other transportation modes; are fast and safe transportation standards. At the point of transporting Turkey's labor to the whole world, the average value of air cargo transportation is 50 times more valuable than other transportation (land, sea and iron) methods.

Air cargo transportation, which has become more and more critical in the global sense, stands out as a very important transportation method, constituting only 1 percent of world trade in terms of volume and at least 35 percent in terms of value. Along with the e-commerce demands that make their weight felt in the global air cargo sector, fast door-to-door delivery of products opens important windows for new and continuous business opportunities. Air cargo transportation strengthens its position as one of the most important stakeholders of countries' exports.

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