Turkey's Engineer Girls Project Expands with the Contribution of SOCAR Turkey

turkey's engineer girls project is expanding with the contribution of socar turkey
turkey's engineer girls project is expanding with the contribution of socar turkey

Applications for the “Engineer Girls of Turkey” project, which aims to involve more women in the field of engineering and whose scope has expanded this year with the contributions of SOCAR Turkey, will close on October 10. With the support of SOCAR Turkey, chemical engineering students can also apply to the project, where students from different engineering branches are accepted.

The scope of the “Engineer Girls of Turkey (TMK)” project, which aims to involve women more in the field of engineering and to represent them on equal terms in male-dominated sectors, was further expanded this year with the contributions of SOCAR Turkey. Students studying in computer, environmental, electrical-electronics, industrial, civil and mechanical engineering departments of universities are accepted to the project, with the support of SOCAR Turkey this year, students studying chemical engineering can also apply. The project, which will increase student participation with the opportunities offered by SOCAR Turkey, will continue to expand its sphere of influence in the new academic year in which face-to-face education has started.

Applications for the project, which is available to female students in the 1,2st, 3nd and 10rd grades of engineering faculties, close on October XNUMX. You can also visit the TMK website and social media accounts for detailed information about the project, for which the registration is ongoing via the e-Bursum portal.


The scope of the project, which has been carried out in partnership with the Limak Foundation, the Ministry of Family and Social Services, the Ministry of National Education and the United Nations Development Program since 2015, has expanded further with the contributions SOCAR Turkey will provide to chemical engineering education. In the project, which offers personal and professional development programs as well as scholarship support to female engineers of the future, SOCAR Turkey will provide multi-faceted support to students who will benefit from the scholarship opportunity, with online training, mentoring and internship opportunities.


Evaluating their participation in the “Engineer Girls of Turkey” project, SOCAR Turkey Communications and Public Relations Director Mikayil Yusifov said, “The removal of barriers to gender equality and the more visible women in all aspects of social life is a great gain for societies. As SOCAR Turkey, we know the role of women in creating strong societies and we strongly believe in the importance of increasing women's representation in social life. We have signed the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP), which was created in partnership with the UN Global Compact and the Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment Unit, at the beginning of this year, on this issue, which is an area that we embrace with sensitivity. In line with the goals of 'Quality Education' and 'Gender Equality', which are among the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we continue our efforts to empower women in society and business life and our support to civil society. By taking part in the “Engineer Girls of Turkey” project, where the qualified engineers of the future will be trained, we have once again demonstrated our sensitivity in this matter. I believe that this meaningful project, which we are proud to take part in, has made a great contribution to awareness of gender equality.” he said.

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