TRT Share from Electricity Bills Should Be Removed, VAT Should Be Deducted

trt share should be removed from electricity bills, vat should be deducted
trt share should be removed from electricity bills, vat should be deducted

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın made statements about the agenda. CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın stated that instead of controlling the exorbitant price for five chain stores, an audit should be made for exorbitant bills and said, “Electricity and natural gas bills have doubled in the last 3 years when the one-man system was implemented. Citizens can no longer pay their bills. Every month, electricity and natural gas are cut off in 100 thousand households. In this case, isn't it necessary to conduct an audit for the exorbitantly increasing energy bills?" he said.

CHP Deputy Chairman Ahmet Akın, in his written statement, called on the government regarding the energy hikes that are expected to be announced this week. Akın from CHP said:


The government launched an exorbitant price control for five chain stores on the rising cost of living. It was once again understood with the interest rate decision taken by the Central Bank last week that the price increases were caused by the wrong economic policy. As the increase in energy will increase the costs of all sectors, it will also increase the prices of basic food products. The domino effect created by the increase in energy will increase inflation even more.


In the inspections carried out by the Ministry of Commerce on exorbitant prices, while inspections are carried out in the markets; Despite our warnings about exorbitant bills, the government has not taken any concrete steps with companies to reduce bills. On the contrary, it has been reflected to the public that the government evaluates the companies' demands for a raise. Despite the warning of our Chairman, Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, “Let the palace power and electricity companies sit down and talk about this billing business before winter comes”, the government preferred to take sides with companies rather than citizens.


Now, our citizens have serious difficulties in paying even their energy bills, which is a fundamental right. While electricity and natural gas are cut off in 100 thousands of households every month; The government also admitted that 2,1 million households were helped because they could not pay their electricity bills. In this context, with the start of the new legislative year, arrangements should be made urgently to remove the TRT share, which is reflected at the rate of 2 percent on electricity bills, and to reduce the VAT rate. Many of our law proposals regarding these regulations, which will enable the citizens to lower their bills, are waiting in the parliament.

Günceleme: 27/09/2021 11:54

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