Clean Gediz Clean Gulf Documentary İzmirTube'also

clean gediz clean gulf documentary izmirtubede
clean gediz clean gulf documentary izmirtubede

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, once again drew attention to the pollution in Gediz with the documentary prepared after a 4-day basin tour with the slogan “Clean Gediz Clean Bay” to identify the pollution sources in the Gediz River flowing into the Izmir Bay.

Mayor Soyer, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's web television IzmirTubeIn the 22-minute documentary broadcast in , “This is Turkey's issue. Gediz will not be Ergene, İzmir Bay will not be Marmara, we will continue this struggle until clean water flows from Gediz. We will not pollute Gediz, we will protect it”.

The Aegean Municipalities Union and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who explored the 4-kilometer bed of Gediz during the 401-day basin trip with the slogan "Clean Gediz, Clean Bay" in order to identify the sources of pollution in the Gediz River flowing into the Izmir Bay. Tunç SoyerDocumentary of 's 4-day basin trip to IzmirTubePublished in. 22 minute documentary Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç SoyerIt starts with the investigations made by . The journey, which is the subject of the documentary, covers a distance of 401 kilometers or even 1800 kilometers and ends in the old Gediz bed of Foça, where the river empties into the sea from Izmir. The documentary reveals how the river becomes polluted in places where clean flowing water flows from its source during President Soyer's 4-day inspection tour. In the documentary, which also includes the views of environmental, water management and water resources experts and citizens living in the region, President Soyer calls on Turkey to save Gediz.

Everyone will stop polluting!

Expressing his views on Kaynarpınar Waterfall on Murat Mountain at the beginning of the documentary, President Soyer said, “It is not possible to cope with the pollution of Gediz. How will it be cleaned? A route of 400 km. Because everyone pollutes. 'No'. Everyone will stop polluting. We will not pollute, we will protect. If Gediz shines like this, there will be a clean Izmir Bay, a clean sea. It's another world at 40 degrees below, but there's a chill here that makes you shudder. After that, sadness begins, anger begins, anger begins. Because we see this immense wealth, this tremendous beauty below, and we see how it is polluted, how it is mixed with poison and how it is spoiled and destroyed. This should not be allowed,” he says.

3 important moves from President Soyer after the basin tour

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, within the scope of the basin tour that started on Wednesday, July 14 and lasted for four days, visited the Karapınar Waterfall on Murat Mountain, where the Gediz River originates, and then traveled 401 kilometers, even 1800 kilometers, to examine the source of the pollution step by step. President Soyer had started the basin tour from Murat Mountain, where the Gediz River was born, and ended in the old Gediz bed of Foça, where he came from Tuzçullu by boat and where the river empties into İzmir. President Soyer, who started his work within the scope of the 12-item declaration containing the salvation recipe of Gediz, which he announced after his examinations in the basin tour, took the first step to give life to the Marmara Lake, wrote a letter to the 2nd Regional Directorate of State Hydraulic Works to give one million cubic meters of water to the lake this year. had applied. However, the application was rejected. In addition, President Soyer, who sent a letter to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the Uşak, Manisa and Kütahya Governorships and Special Provincial Administrations, municipalities and institutions that cause pollution, in order to draw attention to the sources polluting Gediz and to ensure that measures are taken, said that the Gediz River 's source called the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to be declared a National Park for the protection of Murat Mountain and its surroundings.

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