'Electric' Extraction to the Heart of Europe by Temsa, Focusing on Technology!

electric extraction from contact to the heart of europe
electric extraction from contact to the heart of europe

📩 08/09/2021 13:01

TEMSA, which draws attention with its electric bus exports and agreements recently, provided shuttle service with Avenue Electron and MD2021 electriCITY vehicles at the IAA Mobility 9 Fair held in Munich, Germany. At the fair, TEMSA also exhibited the battery packs produced in Adana and described as the heart of electric vehicles, and shared its smart cities vision with the participants.

Operating under the umbrella of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group, TEMSA continues to bring its domestic technologies to the world. Being the market leader of Turkey in the bus and midibus market; Exporting more than 100 thousand vehicles, 15 percent developed by Turkish engineers, to 66 countries in the world, TEMSA exhibited at the IAA Mobility 2021 Fair held in Munich, one of the most important organizations of the European automotive market, as well as the Avenue Electron and MD9 electriCITY vehicles, as well as the battery packs that it started to produce in-house. also exhibited. The Avenue Electron and MD9 electriCITY vehicles exhibited at TEMSA's booth received great appreciation from the participants, while also providing transportation services in the fairground.

We work for a smarter future

Speaking at the press conference held at the fair, TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu underlined that the world's automotive industry is now shaped around smart cities and said, “Smart cities are also the biggest driving force in the growth of the industry today. It is possible to say that in the near future, smart cities will completely change the understanding of public transportation. We position TEMSA as a company that pioneers the developing technology and manufactures its smart products in a smart factory. With this product range we developed as TEMSA, we contribute to 'smart mobility' solutions that will shape the future of the automotive industry. However, with our smart city vision that focuses on people; We are working for a much smarter, much cleaner future. I can say that as TEMSA, we will be an important part of 'smart cities' that will completely change the understanding of public transportation in the near future. As TEMSA, we have this vision behind all the investments we have made recently. Electric vehicles are also the most important part of this vision. The vehicles we exhibit here today are the most important reflections of this vision.”

We are among the world's leading companies in electric vehicle technologies

Pointing out that technological developments have led to the transformation of all sectors and the emergence of new business models, Doğancıoğlu continued: “The convergence between sectors is gaining momentum. In order to become the company of the future, it is necessary to adopt and implement this transformation. The automotive sector is one of the sectors most affected by this change. Technology and digitalization are reshaping transportation. Customer expectations are rising; competition is increasing; stands out to make a difference. In this process, as TEMSA, we continue on our way as an automotive-oriented technology company rather than a technology-oriented automotive company. Now we know very well that we must not only be a bus manufacturer, but also a service provider. Therefore, we initiated a serious technological transformation within TEMSA and designed TEMSA as an automotive-focused technology company rather than an automotive company. Technology is at the heart of all the investments we have made and are planning to make recently. We transfer 4% of our turnover to our TEMSA R&D center every year. Today, as TEMSA, we can proudly say that we are among the world's leading companies in electric vehicle technologies and that we are the only player in the market in certain geographies.”

We are ready for electric vehicle mobilization

Stating that they started to export electric vehicles to different countries, especially Sweden, Doğancıoğlu drew attention to the importance of raising awareness on this issue in Turkey. Emphasizing that TEMSA, with its infrastructure and technological know-how, is ready for an electric vehicle mobilization to be launched in Turkey, Doğancıoğlu said, “In recent weeks, the necessary signatures have been signed for our first domestic electric vehicle developed with ASELSAN to hit the roads in Samsun. Our different electric models are currently performing test drives in different regions of Turkey. The feedback we receive makes us extremely happy and proud. Today, TEMSA can export electric vehicles to Sweden; With its global company vision, it has turned into a technology company that can put its electric vehicles on the roads in many different regions from Mersin to California. We will be happy to use this accumulation for the sustainable future of our country.”

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